A B2B eCommerce solution for suppliers, wholesalers and distributors

  • Collect orders
  • Position your business
  • Boost your image
  • Facilitate the consultation of invoices
  • Open the market to new customers

We help you execute the digital transformation of your marketing channel prioritizing aspects that concern your B2B strategies.


Combine multiple factors and leverage our Discount Prediction System to refine your promotional campaigns.

Flexible Payment Options

Give your customers single or multiple invoice payment options, and even allow them to partially pay their charges.

Customer Specific Taxes

Differentiate tax policies depending on the customer's tax base.

Order Management

Allow clients to repeat previous orders, modify them by adding/removing products with a simple click, and adapt the minimum and multiple order quantity depending on customers.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Real-time inventory control in a multi-warehouse functionality.

Personalized Catalog

Customize your catalogue products banners and content according to customers and customers groups.

Open a new marketing channel with your customers

Minimize the risk of leaks to large portals, reduce costs, know better your customers and build with them a profitable relationship.

Feature-rich B2B eCommerce plataform


Sales management functions

Offer B2B access to Sales Representatives, who will be able to carry out orders in behalf of their portfolio customers.

ERP Agile Integration

Designed to fit your business requirements and Fully adaptable to your ERP functionalities


Targeted Pricing

Differentiate pricing and items for sales to different customers or geographic areas in a multicurrency system. For each of your customers define prices by quantity or by tariffs.

Ready to ERPs

Our system has a user-friendly and functional responsive design (Mobile), ready to integrate with leading ERPs on the market

Microsoft Dynamics