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8 tips for Black Friday 2022

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Black Friday is around the corner. November 25th is the day when thousands of businesses launch great offers and promotions to inaugurate the Christmas shopping season.

According to a study by Trilogi, and after analyzing more than 200 online stores developed by LogiCommerce, we observed that there was an increase in the average basket of 18% in 2021, compared to the previous year, which means that even with 12% fewer buyers, turnover was exceeded by 5%.

The electronics and furniture sectors grew the most compared to Black Friday 2020, with 12% and 22% respectively. On the other hand, the fashion, footwear and accessories sector is the sector that grew the most compared to the situation prior to the pandemic.

8 tips for Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. In order to take advantage of it, make sure your eCommerce is fully prepared to experience high traffic peaks. 

Loading speed

Limited-time offers and limited stock create a sense of urgency in the consumer that can lead to crashes and long page loading times because of large volumes of traffic. To avoid this, you need to make sure your server can handle high traffic peaks and maintain a fast-loading speed.

Web performance during Black Friday is a key factor to avoid losing visitors and sales. With LogiCommerce you will always achieve outstanding speed. LogiCommerce's infrastructure automatically increases and decreases its capacity.

Web Usability

Provide and effective and efficient user experience. The user should be able to easily access all the parts of your online store. The fewer steps required to make a purchase, the better.

In a day where there is such a high level of supply and demand, it is important that the user can easily navigate through the eCommerce: clear product sheet, accessible shopping cart, intuitive menu, responsive design, visible search engine, related or complementary products, attractive design, simple registration form and quality images.

Product page

Make sure to optimize your eCommerce pages. Categorize based on special offers and promotions, allow users to filter based on their purchase intent, and suggest products based on the user's search.

The first impact will be the price, but then the user will access the product sheet. Use clear and detailed information, quality images and videos and incorporate reviews from other users.

Modify the title of your products and incorporate cross-selling elements, using the keywords you are interested in positioning yourself for Black Friday to attract a greater number of visitors and increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce.


Avoid abandoned carts by simplifying the checkout process. Make the process as simple and secure as possible: short forms, multiple payment methods, financing options, payment security and tokenized payment system.

Stick to a one-step checkout process with a maximum of four steps: complete order, delivery details, payment details and order confirmation. Reduce the number of form fields during the checkout process and make sure to request only the necessary data and information, including features such as "AutoComplete".

Logistics and warehousing

To successfully manage the high demand of orders during Black Friday, it is essential to have a large volume of stock. Having different warehouses and assigning them to different logistics centers will help you manage your shipments efficiently.

Hundreds of packages are shipped in a very short period of time. Inform your customers that delivery times may be slower to avoid dissatisfied customers.

Returns, especially in the fashion and accessories sector, tend to multiply. Avoid this by offering a very detailed product description where the user can view the size guide to reduce the rate of returns and, thus, avoid to collapse the service.

Promotions and offers

The key point of Black Friday. Define an effective promotional strategy: run sweepstakes on your social networks, offer limited-time offers, create product packs, apply discounts by product category and use cross-selling and up-selling techniques, among others.

Incorporate banners on your website, highlight the best offers on the home page and prepare advertising campaigns to attract new users. But don't forget your current customers: offer special advantages to those who are already subscribed to your online store: allow pre-booking of products and give them a higher discount percentage, amongst others.

Shopping experience

The heart of any strategy should always be the customer. Make sure you offer a seamless shopping experience on all your sales channels: intuitive navigation, good customer service (live chat and chatbot), easy checkout, comfort and fast checkout, among others.

Offer personalized shopping experiences, and increase your eCommerce conversion rate and average order value. Send tailored offers, extend the duration of promotions with higher interest, offer search-based recommendations, and much more.

Marketing Strategy

Launch differentiated advertising campaigns for Black Friday, and achieve greater segmentation and customer acquisition. Take advantage of social networks and Influencers to create sales-oriented campaigns also with Google Ads campaigns to reach a greater number of users.

Use email marketing to impact registered users in your database and send attractive discounts. Take advantage of Marketing Automation to personalize and optimize your daily processes, increase productivity and gain better control of your marketing actions.

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