Disaster recovery

Content Distributed

99.9% uptime

DDOS protection

Auto-Scalable infrastructure

A new way of offering eCommerce application services based on Cloud Computing

Because we know eCommerce is critical, TLG Commerce gives you the best performance and reliability infrastructure together with AWS (Amazon Web Services).


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Every second your online shop is down makes you lose money.

Elastic eCommerce provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and enables your eShop to increase or decrease capacity automatically. LogiCommerce can scale itself up and down depending on the simultaneous visitors that your eShop has.

eCommerce Hosting

Through our global infrastructure, we help our customers achieve lower latency and higher throughput

Our eCommerce Hostings cater for international markets with datacenters in most of the regions of the World like Asia (China Mainland and Hong Kong), Europe, United States and South America which gives us a deep understanding of global eCommerce.

Wherever your business is, we can provide hosting for your eCommerce ensuring a very high service availability.

Fast, Secure and Auto-Scalable


Helping to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data is of the utmost importance in SaaS model. LogiCommerce responsibility model, provides a global secure infrastructure and foundation compute, storage, networking and database services, as well as higher level services. In addition, we responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data in the cloud, and for meeting specific business requirements for information protection.


Slow loading speed is one of the major causes for obtaining low rankings on search engines, as well as being the main reason for online shoppers to leave an online Store without finalizing a purchase. Thanks to LogiCommerce´s auto-scalable infrastructure, your shop will always achieve outstanding speed to guarantee the best for both your website and your clients.


LogiCommerce, is installed on reliable hostings (AWS) around the world. We are always aware and ready should any technical emergency happen. We’re currently running an uptime of 99.99%, accessible from anywhere in the World.