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About us

We believe in sensations, in change, & in innovation!

We are
LogiCommerce is a branch of TLG Commerce, a 23-year-old self-fund eCommerce company, dedicated exclusively to helping businesses create powerful online stores.
We’ve grown by sharing our wealth of knowledge as eCommerce consultants, assting B2C & B2B businesses worldwide to grow with profitable tailor-made online stores.
Throughout the years of setting up eCommerce websites, we acquired in-depth knowledge of the sector, allowing us to discover gaps of the eCommerce software market. Hence, in 2018 we decided to rebuild the software from scratch (3rd generation) and open it up to the market.
The result is an efficient built-in Java Headless Commerce software with high security standards, high-end capabilities and marketing tools with a stunning user-friendly BackOffice.
LogiCommerce in a nutshell

We thrive for excellence and have surrounded us with the best team assisting our customers to grow their online business

23+ years
Of eCommerce experience of the global Market
Self-fund company
We keep control of the business and improve our entrepreneurial skills
A software company and an eCommerce agency
Highly skilled
And stable employees
Entrepreneurial spirit
Across the organization
Think Global, Act Local
Global and local knowledge shared across our teams make us better
Multicultural team
Diversity creates great ideas and immense strength
We set trends for eCommerce
We are
LogiCommerce together with their Partners offers a robust set of services, resources and tools, enabling clients grow a profitable business. Our partner network is built exclusively to serve customers, and potential to deliver unparalleled customer success.
We are
Our talented full-stack developers work continuously to improve both, the LogiCommerce user experience and the range of functions it is capable of undertaking. The result is an advanced software designed to put businesses front and center in the highly competitive and constantly changing eCommerce sector.
We are

At LogiCommerce, we firmly believe in change and innovation. Hence, we developed an extensive network of partners that, like us, pursue a better and more sustainable world through technology. To value human relationships and people is a distinctive attribute of LogiCommerce. LogiCommerce participates to this kind of initiatives, to favor the social insertion of people with disadvantages. We believe in equal opportunities, diversity, and in the talent that each and every one of us has.

In a fast-changing world, our mission is to see every challenge as a precious opportunity to improve and deliver state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions in order to establish profitable win-win partnerships with our partners and merchants.
The current digital transformation is our main source of inspiration. Our vision is to keep learning and innovating, while building transparent and profitable business relationships.
Our commitment is to deliver affordable premium quality solutions through our core values: Passion, Creativity, Innovation and Integrity.
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