LogiCommerce is trusted by global enterprise brands and wholesalers, across industries

Borderless eCommerce

Sell internationally with a local focus thanks to LogiCommerce


Manage your international sales from a single Control Panel. With Headless technology, you are free to create multiple Front-ends while also connecting to different sales channels.


With Logicommerce there are no limits. Adapt to the trends and needs of any country and offer exceptional Customer Experiences.


A Headless eCommerce platform allows you to expand fast with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost while keeping an engaging Customer Experience that aligns with your go-to-market strategy.


Adapt content per market, offer local payment methods, connect with international carriers, adapt taxes, optimize your SEO and easily integrate with any other system.

Start building your global eCommerce Strategy today

Break the boundaries of eCommerce and focus on global growth
Customize your store for localized shopping experiences and manage your online sales from different countries from a single control Panel.
Geo IP
No need to create several stores that are managed by different Back Offices. LogiCommerce allows you to set-up localized languages, localized currencies, localized taxes, localized catalogs, localized promotions, and much more!

Seamlessly expand to new markets with LogiCommerce

Multi-Currency System

Set prices and costs of products, discounts, shipping, and payments in multiple currencies


Target your audience in multiple languages such as British English, Peninsular Spanish, and many more

Multi-Currency Payment System

Configure and segment payment systems by currency and country

Dynamic Tax Configuration

Set up different tax policies depending on the product and country source and/or destination

Multi-Invoicing Company

Create multiple companies and bill your customers based on location

Currency Converter

Convert an eCommerce price based on real-time currency exchange
Configure your eCommerce with multiple domains to engage with clients and higher SEO rankings

Multi-currency Accounting

Create accounting entries per company and allow multiple currencies

Country Blocker

Block your eCommerce for countries not included in the sales areas and show a blank page

Country Personalization

Customize eCommerce according to the country by identifying the user’s source via GeoIP

Geo IP

Display currency, language and formats or redirect the customer depending on the location

Geolocation pricing

Set specific prices based on the geographic location of the customer
Understand the needs of your customers worldwide
Easily adapt to unique market needs with LogiCommerce.
Carriers Integration
Multiple Payment
method Filter
Create better payment experiences
Grow globally by understanding the local payment preferences. This way, you will generate more trust, increase the conversion rate and reduce the rate of abandoned carts.
Effectively manage your deliveries
A multi-carrier shipping solution with multiple delivery methods, integrated with local and international carriers and enabled to set-up multiple warehouses and logistics centers.
Grow at scale and reach your audience anywhere
LogiCommerce is prepared for international markets with datacenters in most parts of the world. Build and grow your eCommerce through an elastic scaling system with a min. of 99% SLA. Wherever your business is, we provide the most flexible, reliable and safe environments available.
LogiCommerce is the solution that helps you boost sales and increase traffic. Enhance core functionalities and create unique shopping experience through the latest commerce innovations.
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Headless eCommerce
How does Headless technology help with the internationalization process?

With a Headless solution, you can achieve greater flexibility and personalization while also adapting content per market through localized Storefronts. In addition, LogiCommerce allows you to offer local payment methods, connect international carriers, configure taxes according to the product and country, optimize your SEO campaigns per market, set up multiple domains, generate multiple shipments depending on different logistic criteria, and generate prices in multiple currencies, among others.

Can I have multiple domains?

An eCommerce can be multi-domain, this means that a website can have different versions according to different domains.

With LogiCommerce a domain can be linked to a language in both directions, so that either of these two factors determines the other: the domain determines a language and vice versa, the language determines a domain.

Moreover, with LogiCommerce a domain can also be linked to a country. This means that when this domain is used, the content filters and features specific to this country like, for example, languages, are applied automatically. This allows the scope of the eCommerce to be set to a specific geographical area so that according to the applied country personalization, it can show more or less content.

So, configuring domains per country and/or language can also serve to implement SEO strategies from a more regional standpoint and help you to boost your positioning in search engines.

Can I invoice from multiple locations?

Yes, you can invoice from multiple locations by creating different invoicing companies in LogiCommerce. The invoicing company is a physical entity located in a particular place that is able to issue invoices, and will be shown as the issuer of the invoice for an order. An eCommerce should have at least one active invoicing company related to a minimum of one active channel. However, you can create as many as you need to become a multi-invoicing company. This allows for multiple fiscal entities (with its own tax details and associated currencies). LogiCommerce will assign the invoicing company depending on the channel and location.

Can I set up several currencies? Yes, explain price by currency, currency converter...

LogiCommerce allows your eCommerce to activate multiple currencies to display the prices. Those are referred to as “browsing currencies”. The eCommerce must set up the prices in at least one main currency, however, you can set up specific prices in multiple currencies. If a product is only priced in the main currency, and a user is browsing in another one, the system performs a currency conversion and displays the price accordingly based on real-time currency exchange.

Can I customize my eCommerce according to the user’s country?

LogiCommerce can redirect users to the eCommerce version that corresponds to its country. An eCommerce can define multiple countries (sales areas) in order to establish where it can operate.

The user’s country or geographical area is also used as initial data to apply filters, in terms of product catalog, content display and prices. For example, decide which products will be shown according to the location of the user or define prices per country. Moreover, navigation languages can be redefined by country, so that it is used as input to switch the default language and shorten the list of browsing languages.

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