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The best of Headless and traditional eCommerce software together in one platform

LogiCommerce is the Headless eCommerce platform that connects to the entire customer experience, marketing requirements and sales channels with a complete B2C & B2B Unified Platform.

Since 1999
global brands
Logically Powerful

Cutting-edge interface enhanced by Enterprise-level Features

Outstanding BackOffice

Easily manage your eCommerce from a user friendly interface with real Drag & Drop, Multi-tasking capabilities and cut down the amount of time you spend managing your platform.

High-End Features

Grow globally and locally with Multi-Invoicing Accounts, Multi-Currency Accounting, Advanced Customer Segmentation, RMA and Multi-expedition targeting B2C & B2B customers together.

Empowered with Apps

Extend the core functionality with more than 300 Add-ons and Plug-ins and create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

Innovate Continuously

Thrive your eCommerce quickly, efficiently, effectively and frequently with a continuous improvement of 360º built-in features.
Logically Robust

Solid high-end eCommerce platform

High-Efficiency Core

A high performance and quality Java-based eCommerce solution for growing brands at an affordable cost.

Headless eCommerce

LogiCommerce gives you full creative control across all your front-ends for a cohesive customer experience.

20 years’ experience

We’ve grown by sharing our wealth of worldwide eCommerce knowledge by enhancing LogiCommerce.

Seamless updates without disruption

Updates are invisibly done in the background, reliable and instant with no interruptions.
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SourceForge Leader Fall 2023
LogiCommerce has been awarded with the most prestigious SourceForge award as best-in-class from over 90,000 products.
Two quarters as a Top Performer
Awarded for the second consecutive quarter as a Top Performer in the eCommerce and Headless eCommerce categories.
Two quarters as a Slashdot Leader
LogiCommerce is in the top fifth percentile of highly reviewed products on SourceForge for the last two quarters.
The preferred choice for users
Reviews emphasize LogiCommerce's functionality, flexibility, and adaptability to various types of businesses.
A frontrunner in its category
As highlighted by rave reviews, they emphasize its impressive functionality, flexibility, and ability to adapt seamlessly to diverse business needs.
A reliable and efficient solution
LogiCommerce stands out among users as a very reliable, user-friendly, and efficient solution for eCommerce.
Logically Marketing

Marketing-driven commerce to maximize results

Real-Time Business Dashboard

All essential metrics at a glance. Track simultaneous visitors, active shopping carts, conversion rates, abandoned rates and dozens of pre-defined business KPIs in real-time.

Turn visitors into Customers

Attract and Convert visitors with an Advanced Promotion System, including Automatic Predictive Discounts, Gifts, Coupons, and increase your sales with Up-sell & Cross-sell related products.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Engage and retain your clients with LogiCommerce's Loyalty System including Reward Points, Member Get Member and Affiliation functionalities as well as a fully integrated Commerce Blog.

Disruptive SEO Suite

Optimize your URLs, meta tags, ALT tags and manage duplicated content, robots, redirections, sitemaps and rich snippets to boost your ranking in search engines.
Powered by LogiCommerce Experts
Build and Grow
with a thriving community behind you
The LogiCommerce Expert Network is here to help you.
More than 250 Experts are ready to assist you at each stage of the journey to create and maintain your eCommerce and get the most out of LogiCommerce.

Empower your eStore

LogiCommerce is a highly customizable platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions.

Supercharge LogiCommerce with Add-ons and Plug-ins

Marketing Automation, AI tools, WeChat Mini-programs, Payment gateways and over 300 selected Apps ensure your eCommerce can be customized to fit your requirements.
Logically Cost-effective

Transparent: No hidden costs. No transaction fees.


Keep your costs to a minimum and reduce your total expenses. Transparent prices, No hidden charges.

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Dramatically reduce total cost of ownership, in the short and long term. Use your budget for higher value activities, like marketing.

Competitive price

Get an uppermost eCommerce technology solution for a very competitive price and ensure great return on your investment.

World-class Premium support

Whether you’re just getting started or you need help with advanced features, our Experts network is here for you every step of the way.

LogiCommerce is a comprehensive eCommerce software platform that helps you boost sales, increase traffic to your website while covering all your business needs. Extend the core functionality and create the ultimate shopping experience with the latest commerce innovations from our trusted network of Experts.

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