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Main Settings

Take complete control of your entire eCommerce business from your fingertips.

Multi-Domain included
Configure your eCommerce with multiple domains to engage with clients and higher SEO rankings.
Multi-Invoicing Company
Multi-Invoicing Company included
Create multiple companies and bill your customers based on their location.
Multi-Currency Accounting
Multi-Currency Accounting included
Create accounting entries per company and allow multiple currencies.
Multi-Currency System
Multi-Currency System included
Set prices and costs of products, discounts, shipping and payments in multiple currencies to reach a wider audience.
Multi-Channel System
Multi-Channel System included
Segment your orders by filtering your visitors by device, country, user-agent, domain and many others criteria selection.
Omni-Channel System
Omni-Channel System included
Create a smooth O2O experience by connecting your online channels with your sales outlets.
Multi-Shipment System
Multi-Shipment System add-on
Generate multiple shipments of an order based on different logistic criteria such as source warehouse, shipping carrier and delivery times.
Pick-up & Return Points
Pick-up & Return Points add-on
Give your customers the ability to find and pick up their orders from any of your sales outlets or warehouses.
Store Locator
Store Locator included
Show all your stores on Google or Baidu Maps, add store information and store opening hours.
Multi-Lingual eCommerce
Multi-Lingual eCommerce included
Target your audience with their own language British English American English; Peninsular Spanish, Mexican Spanish, etc. plus Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and many more.
Currency Symbols
Currency Symbols included
Defines the currency symbols to show in your eShop for all your products, discounts, shipping, orders and invoices.
Currency Converter
Currency Converter included
Automatically convert your eCommerce prices based on real-time currency exchange and apply rounding rules.
Multi-Currency Payment System
Multi-Currency Payment System included
Set up and segment payment systems for each of your currencies.
Invoicing series
Invoicing series included
Add prefixes and suffixes to the numbering of orders and invoices.
Variable tax application
Variable tax application included
Set up and apply taxes based on the shipping or billing address from any of our company location.
Tax Configuration
Tax Configuration included
Configure different tax policies depending on the product and country source and/or destination.
Tax Targeting
Tax Targeting included
Apply country-specific taxes according to the type of customer.
Fixed Product Tax
Fixed Product Tax included
Set fixed product taxes, such as WEEE / DEEE in the EU.
GDPR Compliance
GDPR Compliance included
Get complete control over your data and be GDPR compliant-ready.
CMS (Content Management System)

Create and edit your content to manage an overall digital experience across all channels: web, mobile, blog and more.

Page Management
Page Management included
Organize the content pages and choose its type from more than 20 options: free content, contact page, newsletter form ...
Page Layouts
Page Layouts included
Configure the appearance of content pages using the predefined templates of your eCommerce.
Page Groups
Page Groups included
Create groups of pages to structure the content in your eCommerce.
WYSIWYG Editor included
Easily edit the content of your eCommerce with the advanced WYSIWYG editor.
Banner Management
Banner Management included
Create, manage and set a limit of clicks for your banners and place them on any area of your eCommerce.
News Management
News Management included
Create, edit and display news headlines along with the publish date and a detailed information.
Email templates
Email templates included
Customize the interaction emails with your customers, such as order confirmation, welcome message and many more.
Product Targeting
Product Targeting included
Target the visualization of categories and products by user, user group, country and area.
User and Group Filtering
User and Group Filtering add-on
Filter the visualization of pages, banners, category areas, categories, blog posts, blog categories, news, shipping, payments by user and user group.
Country and Area Filtering
Country and Area Filtering add-on
Filter the visualization of pages, banners, category areas, categories, blog posts, blog categories, news, shipping, payments by country and area.
GeoIP - Localization

Automatically display currency, language and formats or redirect the customer to another eCommerce based on location.

GeoIP Methods
GeoIP Methods included
Choose between three configuration modes: strict, informative and strict-informative.
Strict Country Blocker
Strict Country Blocker included
Hide eCommerce (page 404 display) for certain countries.
Country Blocker
Country Blocker included
Block your eCommerce for countries not included in the sales areas and show a blank page.
Custom Message for restricted countries
Custom Message for restricted countries included
Show a personalized message for customers who wish to visit your eCommerce from a country not included in the sales areas.
GeoIP Redirect
GeoIP Redirect included
Automatically redirect to another domain in case the visitor's source is not included in the sales areas.
Country Personalization
Country Personalization included
Customize eCommerce according to the country by identifying the user's source via GeoIP.
ISO Country Code
ISO Country Code included
Manages countries according to their corresponding ISO code.
Address Validation & Auto-Complete
Address Validation & Auto-Complete included
Optimize your deliveries with an accurate address data validator and auto-complete.
Address Validation & Auto-Complete (with ZIP codes)
Address Validation & Auto-Complete (with ZIP codes) included
Optimize your deliveries with accurate geolocated postal codes and validate data entry missing information.
Shipping Management

A multi-carrier shipping and fulfillment solution with multi-delivery methods and integrated with local and international carriers.

Shipping Carriers Integration
Shipping Carriers Integration included
Integrated with your preferred national and international shipping carriers to get shipping labels, real time rates, tracking codes and much more.
Shipping Calculator
Shipping Calculator included
Automatically calculate shipping costs based on the location of the customer and other advanced parameters.
Shipping Calculations
Shipping Calculations included
Configure shipping costs by weight or order amount and destination.
Standard Shipping System
Standard Shipping System included
Standard shipping management with only one shipment per order.
Shipping Cost per items
Shipping Cost per items add-on
Calculate your product shipping costs by weight or units.
Free Shipping
Free Shipping included
Set shipping costs as free from a certain amount to increase your conversation rate.
Order tracking
Order tracking included
Let your customers follow orders from their personal area or through a configurable tracking widget.
Shipping Restrictions
Shipping Restrictions included
Specify the shipping destination countries allowed by shipping method.
Priority carrier system
Priority carrier system add-on
Configure prioritized transport conditions according to whether the product requires a special shipment based on its characteristics.
Data Feed

Automate your product distribution to hundreds of marketplaces and websites worldwide and achieve new sale channels and markets.

Data Feed Manager
Data Feed Manager included
Generate data feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Criteo and others.
Multi-language Data feed
Multi-language Data feed included
Generate a data feed for each available language.
Data feed Filters
Data feed Filters included
Choose which categories and products will be exported and under what features will be included in the feed (Only products with stock, visible products ...).
Data feed by country
Data feed by country included
Choose the destination country of the feed.
Data feed taxonomies
Data feed taxonomies included
Assign the predefined taxonomies by some platforms (Google, etc.) to categories and products.
Data mapping
Data mapping included
Choose what data will be exported to each datafeed.
IMS (Inventory Management System)

Assign inventory among multiple warehouses and keep accurate track of stock items on your sales channels.

Logistic Centers
Logistic Centers included
Assign your warehouses to different logistics centers to effectively manage your deliveries.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management included
Setup, configure and manage your warehouses to control the stock of your products.
Delivery Time Offset
Delivery Time Offset included
Extends the order delivery time per warehouse.
Product Stock in Transit
Product Stock in Transit included
Set the availability date of your stock in transit by extending the delivery time of the order.
Stock Forecast
Stock Forecast included
Define the quantity of stock and the date on which a warehouse will have stock.
Backorder Products
Backorder Products included
Allow customers to backorder products that are out of stock and automate order processes according to your business rules.
Pre Order Products
Pre Order Products included
Allow customers to pre order upcoming products that are unavailable for immediate delivery and automate order processes according to your business rules.
Stock Management
Stock Management included
Configure unlimited stock rules.
Warehouse Priority
Warehouse Priority included
Set priorities between warehouses when deducting stock.
Warehouse Conditions
Warehouse Conditions included
Define the geographical areas of influence of each warehouse to cover your shipments.
Warehouse Stock Rules
Warehouse Stock Rules included
Set up the supply of stock from another warehouse if the linked warehouse with the highest priority does not have stock.
Stock Conditions
Stock Conditions included
Configure the geographical areas that affect the stock of a product.
Stock Availability
Stock Availability included
Defines the availability of a product from the units or only by its availability.
Stock Alerts (Out of Stock Notifications)
Stock Alerts (Out of Stock Notifications) included
Send automatic emails to the list of customers that signed up for out of stock notification when product is back to stock.
Out of stock Data Feed
Out of stock Data Feed included
Generate data feeds including those products that do not have stock.
Shopping Cart Stock Blocking
Shopping Cart Stock Blocking COMING SOON
Block your inventory to prevent items from being purchased while they are in the client's shopping cart.
Gift Stock Deduction
Gift Stock Deduction included
Deducts the stock of products used as promotional gifts.
Loyalty System (Reward Points)

Boost your customer loyalty effortlessly, from new buyers to loyal customers by rewarding them for any purchase and any other actions they do in your eCommerce.

Multi-Loyalty Program
Multi-Loyalty Program included
Create multiple loyalty programs to fit every stage of your customer base.
Reward Points
Reward Points included
Reward with points on purchases, customer registrations, product reviews, and many other actions.
Redeem Points
Redeem Points included
Define the rules for customers to redeem their points.
Points Edition
Points Edition included
Add or deduct points from customers' balance manually.
Points Notification
Points Notification included
Notify customers about the points expiration date to trigger sales.
Points Tracking
Points Tracking included
Let customers track the reward points history in their personal area.
Points Calculation
Points Calculation included
Select how to calculate reward points: before or after taxes.
Advanced Promotion Management

Create advanced promotions to attract new buyers and personalized discounts for your customers to boost your sales.

Customized Discounts
Customized Discounts included
Configure different types of discounts: free shipping, percentage of the total, fixed amounts, gifts, discounts based on units, NxM, ...
Discount Rules
Discount Rules included
Applies discounts on the total purchase, on certain products or on the shipping cost among many other rules.
Discount based on Base price
Discount based on Base price included
Apply the discount to products on their price without offer.
Product Combination Discount
Product Combination Discount included
Apply discounts by purchasing multiple products from a predefined list.
Automated Code Generation
Automated Code Generation included
Automatically generate one or multiple discount codes and export them easily.
Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers included
Create gift vouchers with fixed amount for your campaigns and promotions.
Coupon Codes
Coupon Codes included
Generate, deliver and track coupon codes with discounts for your marketing actions.
Expiration Dates
Expiration Dates included
Set expiration dates for gift Vouchers and Coupon Codes.
Coupon Codes Export
Coupon Codes Export included
Export coupon codes for offline distributions, emails, newsletter, etc.
Coupon Usage Tracking
Coupon Usage Tracking included
Generate reports of the discount codes used for an in-depth analysis.
Advanced discounts segmentation and targeting
Advanced discounts segmentation and targeting included
Customize shopping experiences through advanced discounts segmentation and targeting.
Conditioned Promotions
Conditioned Promotions included
Configure promotions for every X products, between X and Y or more than X.
Multi-tier Pricing
Multi-tier Pricing included
Define price ranges to grant quantity discounts.
"Choose a gift" Discount included
Apply a promotion so that the customer can choose a gift from a selection of products.
Free Gift Products
Free Gift Products included
Offer any product from your catalog as a gift in your promotions.
Affiliate System

Increase your sales through your KOLs and Influencers and monitor the orders generated through them.

Affiliate Management
Affiliate Management COMING SOON
Create users, assign them the affiliate role and their commissions according to their profile.
Affiliate Commissions
Affiliate Commissions COMING SOON
Manage and view the commissions generated by your affiliates by ranges of dates.
Affiliate Product Management
Affiliate Product Management COMING SOON
Filter what products or categories have sales commissions for each affiliate.
OMS (Order Management System)

Powerful Omni-Channel Order Management System for B2C and B2B to Track sales, orders, inventory and fulfillment.

Abandoned Cart Recovery
Abandoned Cart Recovery included
Convert the abandoned carts to sales by sending timed emails after they abandoned the shopping cart.
Order limitations
Order limitations included
Set a maximum number of orders that a user or a user group can make.
Stock Control
Stock Control included
Control the stock to avoid its shortage at each point of your eCommerce (product, cart and checkout)
Discount codes
Discount codes included
Use the discount codes during the purchase process to incentivize the sale.
Product Bundles
Product Bundles add-on
Easily create product bundles by just dragging and dropping, and set cheaper prices or discounts.
Shopping Cart labels
Shopping Cart labels included
Add labels to the shopping cart to filter them under any characteristic.
Shopping Cart Detail
Shopping Cart Detail included
Break down all taxes, shipping costs and costs associated with the payment method in the shopping cart and sales documents.
Order Summary
Order Summary included
Show a visual summary of the order with product images and detailed texts.
Guest and User registration
Guest and User registration included
Let the customers purchase as invited or registered users in accordance with legal compliance.
Gift Configuration at Checkout
Gift Configuration at Checkout included
Offer to gift wrap and add a message to your gift purchases.
Pricing Options for Gifts
Pricing Options for Gifts included
Price and tax settings for gift options.
Order documents
Order documents included
Get the order documents in HTML and PDF format.
Order date delivery
Order date delivery included
Shows the delivery date of the orders in the associated documents and in the detail of the order.
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management add-on
Assign inventory between multiple warehouses and keep accurate track of your stock items for all your channels.
Order Status
Order Status included
Create custom order statuses to track and perform actions in real time.
Order Status Actions
Order Status Actions included
Configure actions (mail delivery, user group change, loyalty point consumption, etc.) when an order or shipment status changes.
Order Status Notifications
Order Status Notifications included
Send notifications when an order changes the status.
Manual Orders
Manual Orders included
Place orders on behalf of your customers easily with the Drag & Drop feature.
Customer Insights
Customer Insights included
View your customers' data such as purchased products, wish lists and other relevant information for your marketing actions.
Financing Options
Financing Options included
Increase sales allowing customers to pay later or in installments with external payment systems.
Payment System Filter
Payment System Filter included
Filter your payment systems to a certain purchase amount and shipping carrier.
Payment Security
Payment Security included
Securely send credit card information directly from the client's browser to the payment gateway.
Multi-payment offline options
Multi-payment offline options included
Accept checks, money orders, payments by bank transfer and cash on delivery.
Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple Payment Gateways included
Integrated with multiple local and international payment gateways.
Payment System Tokenization
Payment System Tokenization included
Let your customers save their payment information securely to fast pay next orders.
Payment Method Filter
Payment Method Filter included
Filter which Payment Gateway to show according to the shipping carrier.
On-Request Products
On-Request Products included
Manages on request products and defines a different delivery date.
Product prices
Product prices included
Define base, offer and discount prices for each product.
Configurable tax calculation
Configurable tax calculation included
Calculate taxes automatically from your base price.
Rule-based Pricing
Rule-based Pricing included
Configure automated rules to determine product prices for each customer segment.
Advanced Pricing Policy
Advanced Pricing Policy included
Targeted pricing for specific customers or geographic areas in a multicurrency system.
Currency Rate Updater
Currency Rate Updater included
Automatic update of currency exchange rates.
Pricing Policy by Category
Pricing Policy by Category included
Calculate the base and offer prices of the products with a percentage % (increase or decrease).
Pricing Policy by Quantity
Pricing Policy by Quantity add-on
Set the base and offer prices for product quantity ranges (units).
Pricing Policy by Currency
Pricing Policy by Currency add-on
Set prices and costs of products, discounts, shipping and payments in multiple currencies to reach a wider audience.
PIM (Product Information Management)

Unify and simplify the process of creating, maintaining, and managing product descriptions and specifications for your Headless front-ends.

Category tree
Category tree included
Organize tree-shaped eCommerce categories easily with the Drag & Drop feature.
Multi-category product
Multi-category product included
Assign products to multiple categories and control your SEO at all times.
Customized Labels
Customized Labels included
Assign custom labels to each category.
Category Layout
Category Layout included
Choose the page layout display of a category among multiple templates.
Product Arrangements
Product Arrangements included
Sort the products within the categories with the Drag & Drop system or by automated sorting rules.
Related Products
Related Products included
Define related products, up-sell and cross-selling to increase the average value of the shopping cart.
Shop by Brand
Shop by Brand included
Offer brands their own presentation page with their own navigation.
Pricing Policy
Pricing Policy included
Adapt prices according to defined characteristics based on your business requirements.
Dynamic Tax System
Dynamic Tax System included
Apply taxes dynamically according to the customer.
Advanced Product Personalization
Advanced Product Personalization add-on
Customize purchase criteria and product behavior according to user, group, country and area.
Customized Labels
Customized Labels included
Customize the labels to the needs of your eCommerce.
Product Options
Product Options included
Configure multiple product options (sizes, colors, materials, etc.), with their definitions and prices.
EAN Codes
EAN Codes included
Define the EANs for each product combination and its options.
Out of Stock Notification
Out of Stock Notification included
Define multiple messages linked to the stock, such as displaying a "sold out" message.
Availability system
Availability system included
Define different options to show the availability of a product and configure different conditions (out of stock, availability range with units or stock level).
One time fee option
One time fee option included
Increase the price only to the first unit of the product.
In Bulk Sale
Sell ​​in bulk products by kilograms, pounds, gallons, liters, among other units of weight or volume.
Product Layout
Product Layout included
Choose the page layout display of a product among multiple templates.
Product Comparison
Product Comparison included
Let your customers compare products by their qualities, features and ratings to find the best product to purchase.
Batch Value Assignment
Batch Value Assignment included
Assign a value to multiple products to perform massive updates.
Image Configuration
Image Configuration included
Resizes automatically and includes a watermark to the product images.
Category View
Category View included
View products in grid or list format within categories.
Scheduled Content
Scheduled Content included
Define time periods in which products, categories or other elements will be visible to support limited discounts and seasonal sales.
Video Content
Video Content included
Add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other platforms to complement the information of your products.
Product Review Display
Product Review Display included
Allow customers to leave comments, product ratings & reviews on your products to get brand awareness
Moderation of Reviews and Product Tags
Moderation of Reviews and Product Tags included
Moderate product comments before posting them to the eCommerce.
Product Review Management
Product Review Management included
View, filter, accept and review all product comments easily before being published.
Multiple Images
Multiple Images included
Add multiple images per product and show all kinds of detail.
Social Sharing
Social Sharing included
Add links to Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to share your products.
Labels included
Create labels with values (texts or images) that are associated with products, categories, users, orders and pages.
Sections included
Link products, categories, blog posts and news with other elements of your eCommerce easily.
MAP pricing
MAP pricing included
Comply with the Minimum Advertised Price while offering your best price to market.
Product Duplication
Product Duplication included
Duplicate products easily for configuring new ones with a specific set of attributes.
Reporting & Analytics

Track and get detailed reports of the performance of your eCommerce in Real-Time.

Pre-defined Reports
Pre-defined Reports included
Ready-to-use reports built in the dashboard for faster and more convenient utilization.
Report Assistant
Report Assistant included
Generate easily new reports adapted to your business needs with our assistant tool.
Multi-report presentations
Multi-report presentations included
Get actionable information with predefined reports on sales, marketing, customers and other areas.
Real-Time Business Dashboard
Real-Time Business Dashboard included
All essential metrics at a glance. Track simultaneous visitors, active shopping carts, conversion rates, abandoned rates and dozens of pre-defined business KPIs in real-time.
Report Exports
Report Exports included
Export reports in multiple formats (xls, pdf, jpg, png) for a deeper analysis and cross it with your favorite tools.
Visual Maps
Visual Maps included
Get business key data by grouping and locating your sales and clients in Google and Baidu maps.
Order Insight
Order Insight included
Get complete information of any order with a detailed log, audit and analytic information.
Product Insight Dashboard
Product Insight Dashboard included
Get full control of every single product with in-depth cross data statistics.
Customer Insight Dashboard
Customer Insight Dashboard included
Cross automatically all your eCommerce data with Google Analytics to get in-depth information of every single customer.
Tracker System

Add a code from any third party software to any place in the eCommerce for tracking purposes, like Google Analytics.

Tracking Management
Tracking Management included
Configure and activate predefined tracking codes (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.)
Tracking Code Management
Tracking Code Management included
Add custom third-party tracking codes in your eCommerce through the configurator.
BackOffice Permissions

Easily manage access to specific areas to managers. Let them see and edit only particular BackOffice items.

Role definition and Access Control
Role definition and Access Control add-on
Define multiple roles and permissions to control access to administration tools.
CRUD Restrictions
CRUD Restrictions add-on
Define "CRUD" restrictions (Create, read, update, delete) for the different BackOffice modules.
UMS (User Management System)

Provide a personal area to your customers to manage their profile, orders, refunds, points and other actions.

Customer Dashboard
Customer Dashboard included
Provide a personal area to your customers to manage their profile, orders, refunds, points and other actions.
Unlimited Addresses
Unlimited Addresses included
Store multiple addresses and define a billing and shipping address by default.
User Roles
User Roles included
Define user roles according for: affiliates, sales agents, bloggers, sponsors or suppliers.
Language Configuration
Language Configuration included
Display the language of the presentation layer according to the user's settings.
Wishlist included
Let your customers add products to wish lists.
User Verification
User Verification included
Choose between performing user verification via email or SMS (double subscription).
Advanced shopping lists
Advanced shopping lists add-on
Define and manage multiple shopping lists to help organize purchases, wished products, and simplify the shopping experience for your customers.

A robust B2B eCommerce solution for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors with large and complex ordering processes requirements.

List Pricing Policy
List Pricing Policy add-on
Configure rates based on customers or groups and countries or areas.
Pricing Policies
Pricing Policies add-on
Define product prices by ranges calculated based on the percentage of variation, the general price or a specific customization.
Geolocation Pricing
Geolocation Pricing add-on
Set specific prices based on the geographic location of the customer.
Customized Catalog per User Group
Customized Catalog per User Group add-on
Configure the product catalog according to the user or user group.
Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity included
Define the minimum and multiple order quantity according to customers or groups.
Sales Agent Management
Sales Agent Management add-on
Offer B2B access to Sales Representatives, set commissions, and let them carry out orders on behalf of their portfolio customers.
Smart Predictive Discount
Smart Predictive Discount COMING SOON
Increase your sales by informing the buyer about what products are needed in their cart to access a promotion.
Repetitive Order Processing
Repetitive Order Processing included
Facilitate the ordering process with maximum efficiency by letting your customer repeat previous orders in only 1-click.
Campaigns Navigation
Campaigns Navigation add-on
Attract new customers by browsing through promotions, discounts and active offers.
Bulk Purchases
Bulk Purchases included
Allow your customers to quickly buy a list of products for each category, brand or campaign.
B2B Payment methods
B2B Payment methods included
Provide different payment conditions and methods based on customers or groups.
Data Sync

Designed to fit your business requirements and fully synchronizable with your corporate tools (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Agile Integration
Agile Integration included
Update product stocks, customer information, orders and promotions with your ERP/CRM in Real-Time.
SEO Suite

Top-Rank your eShop with a bench of feature-rich SEO tools and spend your marketing budget elsewhere.

Google Sitemap
Google Sitemap included
Automatically generate Google sitemaps.
Sitemap Suite
Sitemap Suite included
Generate different sitemaps by language or element (category, product, etc.). In addition, sitemaps are updated automatically.
Compressed Sitemap
Compressed Sitemap included
Generate compressed sitemaps following Google recommendations.
Friendly URLs
Friendly URLs included
Define and customize the different URLs in a friendly way for each element that makes up the eCommerce: products, categories, pages, etc.
Titles and metadescriptions
Titles and metadescriptions included
Customize all titles and meta descriptions of all those basic elements for proper indexing and positioning.
Duplicate content Management
Duplicate content Management included
Avoid duplicate content through the use of canonical URL’s, duplicate control of friendly URLs and the use of variables in generic titles and meta descriptions.
Redirections manager
Redirections manager included
Redirect old URLs to new URLs using a simple wizard. Define these redirections with a 301 or 302 code according to your needs and avoid 404 errors.
Rich snippets
Rich snippets included
Incorporates rich snippets in all the elements susceptible to use this structured data.
Robots.txt included
Edit the Robots.txt file with a simple editor where you can restrict or give access to the robots that interest you.
Follow & Indexable
Follow & Indexable included
Decide what elements (categories, products or pages) should be indexable and what links search engines should follow with a single click.
ALT attribute
ALT attribute included
Define all ALT attributes of your images for better keyword indexing.
RMA (Return Management Authorization)

Allow your customers to initiate returns or partial returns through their personal account.

Return Policy
Return Policy included
Set a desisting period for returns.
Automatic Return
Automatic Return included
Automatically generates a return with a single click in the BackOffice.
Return Request
Return Request included
Allow your customers to request a refund from their personal area of your eCommerce.
Corrective Invoices
Corrective Invoices included
Automatically generates a rectification invoice when generating a return.
Returns State
Returns State included
Group all returns in one order status for easier management.
Returns List
Returns List included
Track the status of the returns easily with icons in the Order Management System window.

Easily manage your eCommerce from a user friendly BackOffice and cut down drastically the amount of time you spend managing your platform.

Password Policy
Password Policy COMING SOON
Configure security levels and password complexity for your customers and managers.
Multi-Lingual BackOffice
Multi-Lingual BackOffice included
Make it easy for your local teams to manage your eCommerce with the Multi-language BackOffice.
Visual & Intuitive
Visual & Intuitive included
Intuitively manage your eCommerce with a window system for a better user experience and efficiency.
Multi-Tasking Environment
Multi-Tasking Environment included
View and work with several BackOffice windows at once and drag items between them.
Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop included
Use the Drag & Drop system to move, sort and reassign items in most panel windows.
Copy & Paste
Copy & Paste included
Use the option to copy and paste items such as products, categories, pages, etc. for an agile and fast management.
Multiple Selection
Multiple Selection included
Select multiple items at once to apply bulk actions or move items.
Easy Start
Easy Start included
Access all the features of your eCommerce through a simple menu.
Admin Log System
Admin Log System COMING SOON
Track automatically all logged actions and keep log details of every change and for every manager.
Smart Search Engine
Smart Search Engine included
Use the search system to find any item in your eCommerce from a reference or feature.
Commerce Blog

Spur your eCommerce growth, engage more customers, cross & up-sell and build up authority for SEO with the embedded blog.

Blogger Rol
Blogger Rol included
Assign the blogger role to editor users.
Category Tree
Category Tree included
Categorize and tag posts for better filtering and organization.
Post preview
Post preview included
Preview the post before publishing to make sure its layout is correct .
Post scheduling
Post scheduling included
Define the date and time a post becomes published and visible.
Permissions included
Assign permissions among the users you want to post on the blog.
Blog Subscription
Blog Subscription included
Allow customers to subscribe to the Blog News.
Related Products
Related Products included
Tag multiple products within the same post and allow your customers to buy them with a single click.
Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets included
Assign Rich Snippets to all the elements of your blog for better SEO positioning.
RSS segmentation
RSS segmentation included
Apply segmentation criteria for automatic RSS generation of your blog.
Tag cloud
Tag cloud included
Tag your posts in the form of a cloud so that your customers find the most interesting content faster.
Searchable included
Set up your eCommerce to make posts appear in search results.
Blog sitemap
Blog sitemap included
Automatically generate a sitemap of your blog separate from your eCommerce for better indexing.
Import & Export

An import & export system, capable of migration, catalog and customer updates in multiple formats.

Batch Imports
Batch Imports included
Import the catalog and product information using a simple Excel file.
Multi-format Export
Multi-format Export included
Export data in multiple formats (xml, xls, json, csv, sql).
Export of Lists
Export of Lists included
Export the predefined listings by LogiCommerce.
List Setup Wizard
List Setup Wizard included
Use the wizard to personalize predefined lists.
Linked Products in Cart

Increase the average order value by showing suggested products that are complementary or related to the products in the basket.

Promotions included
Apply a discount to the products in the basked linked area in order to increase your sales and conversions.
Linked areas
Linked areas included
Define multiple areas of linked products in the basket to personalize your sales according to your criteria.
Pricing policies
Pricing policies included
Set up different pricing policies by product and area.
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