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LogiCommerce is designed to make online selling easy, so you can focus on growing your Pharma & Cosmetics online business

customer experience

Customize your Front-ends and create engaging design experiences on any device. With LogiCommerce you will provide unique customer experiences with the latest eCommerce innovations.


An easy-to-use BackOffice so that you can manage all your eCommerce from an intuitive Control Panel and reduce the amount of time you spend on it with functionalities like Drag&Drop, Multitasking, and many more.


Marketing Automation, AI tools, Payment gateways, WeChat Mini-programs, and more than 300 selected Apps can be seamlessly integrated with LogiCommerce to empower your eStore.

Build beautiful and trend-setting shopping experiences



Provide your customers with a place where they can add their favorite products


Configure different types of discounts for every purchase on your online store

Commerce blog

Engage more customers and enhance your eCommerce through valuable content

Banner Management

Create and place banners on any zone of your eCommerce and set them by country and area


Track orders generated through your network of KOLs and Influencers

Product Bundles

Easly create product bundles, set discounts and increase your sales

Free gift

Offer your customers the possibility to wrap and add messages to their gift purchases
The Headless eCommerce platform

Customize the entire shopping experience with 200+ features

Set prices in multiple currencies for each product to reach a wider audience
Automatically calculate shipping costs according to the location of each customer
Configure shipping costs to be free from a specific value and increase average order value
Configure different types of discounts to increase your sales
Boost your customer loyalty by rewarding them with points on purchases
Create gift vouchers with fixed amount for campaigns and promotions
Allow customers to pre-order upcoming products
Let your customers filter their purchase by brand
Add videos from YouTube or any other platform to show additional product information
Add labels to the shopping cart and filter them under any characteristic
Convert abandoned carts to sales by sending automated emails
Show a visual summary of the order with images and descriptions
Why do our customers love LogiCommerce?

We have been relying on LogiCommerce for over 7 years. A very intuitive eCommerce solution with which we have successfully integrated a powerful 3D Customizer capable to combine billions of possibilities to create unique shoes and achieve the expected results.

Miquel Martorell
eCommerce & Marketing Manager

We would highlight LogiCommerce’s flexibility and high service coverage. Moreover, LogiCommerce has answered correctly to the integrations we have made with our Partners.

Mar Solé Boleda
Customer Experience PM

LogiCommerce is a powerful, reliable and pioneering SaaS platform.

Màrius Cirera
Head of eCommerce and Digital

I would highlight its usability and ease of use. The platform's BackOffice has helped us to be more agile and save time in management. The LogiCommerce software allows a very short learning curve and that is very important when hiring new staff. We are very satisfied with LogiCommerce.

Bernardo Paco Castillo
CEO & Founder

LogiCommerce is a fast and intuitive platform.

Gerard Martí
Marketing Manager

An easy-to-use BackOffice for non-technological professional profiles. It supports integrations with third-party solutions that facilitate the different daily operations. And the most important thing for us, it is scalable so if your business volume grows, it can easily be adapted to your needs.

Núria Alcalá
Head of eCommerce & Online Marketing

LogiCommerce has convinced us in many aspects, for example: advanced features and functionalities, intuitive and easy to use back office. Ability to integrate easily with Marketplaces or other portals such as Facebook and Instagram. It enhanced our business growth without limitations.

Patricia Peinado Nevado

LogiCommerce has simplified our daily operations. The Learning curve was extremely rapid which allowed us to quickly adapt to LogiCommerce since it is so intuitive. It allows us to manage our eCommerce seamlessly and focus on growing the business. We are happy with LogiCommerce.

Miquel Claramunt

The main strength that we find in LogiCommerce is the autonomy of the BackOffice, since it is very intuitive and allows you to access all the data of your eCommerce. Furthermore, we also highlight the possibility of scaling as a marketing professional and being able to develop your own marketing strategies using the tool itself.

Adrián Nieto

Our main goal was to improve the user experience, so we needed a responsive eCommerce that  could adapt to any device, since most of our traffic comes from cell phones. With LogiCommerce, we have been able to enhance the design and web functionality and that has increased the number of visits

Abraham Alavés & Gerard Alavés

It is very easy to use. Without knowing much about the tool, you can carry out different actions thanks to its intuitive and interactive interface. Modern design and navigation. It also has a user guide. LogiCommerce is very complete.

Miriam Fernandez
eCommerce Manager

From LogiCommerce we would highlight its administrator's usability. Once you start getting used to it, it is very intuitive. It is much more complete than other platforms.

Javi Antoja de la Rosa
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