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Grow with LogiCommerce, the scalable, secure and fast-to-market Headless eCommerce solution. Create differentiated shopping experience and enjoy great flexibility managing your eCommerce.

Achieve greater

Cloud native Headless solutions improve reliability by providing you with the best performance. Since the Front-end and the Back-end are decoupled, both can scale individually absorbing traffic spikes or increased requests, while achieving higher security and greater scalability.

Go truly

Increase conversions and unify the customer's shopping experience by connecting your online and offline channels. Manage all your channels from a single control panel and optimize content for any device while also delivering personalized shopping experiences.

Grow globally
with confidence

Expand your business quickly at an affordable price with features like Multi-Lingual eCommerce, Multi-Currency System, Multi-Shipment System, and many more.
Adapt your store based on users, user groups and/or country or geographical area.

What is Headless

Headless eCommerce is based on an architecture where the Front-end (visual part for the user) is decoupled from the Back-end (administrative part of an eCommerce). Both parts communicate through an API layer, the interface that allows sending and receiving information between the Front-end and the Back-end.
The Headless architecture provides more flexibility and freedom throughout the entire process of your business.

Enhance your online store and create unique shopping experiences

Implement new technologies and the most innovative solutions. Seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions like WeChat Mini-programs, Payment gateways, AI tools, Marketing Automation or 3D Configurators, and more to capture your consumers' attention.
Provide a superior customer experience that sets you apart from your competition
Personalize catalogue, content and prices based on users, user groups or even based on the country your users are shopping from or geographical area.

Never replatform again with LogiCommerce Headless Cloud!

Developer Freedom
Build your storefronts from scratch or use our Web Front-end solution
Get greater flexibility to experiment freely with less limitations
Updates, changes and improvements can be made in the Front-end, without affecting the Back-end
Robust & reliable
Stable and high-performing
Auto-scaling system
Average Uptime of 99,9%
Speed & Flexibility
Fast time-to market
Scalable solution for improved Website Performance
Fast Page Speed
Flexibility in design, no template restrictions
Smart Innovation
Quickly adapt and implement the newest technologies
Turn any screen into a digital storefront: Web pages, mobile apps, smart fridges, wearables and much more
Be prepared for future market trends and create shopping experiences more tailored to consumer needs
Is LogiCommerce Headless?
Yes, among other extraordinary things! Find out more...
Headless eCommerce
How does a Headless architecture really work?

Headless eCommerce is based on an architecture that separates the Front-end (visual part of a website) from the Back-end (administrative part of a website) so that they work independently, but simultaneously, being connected through an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the exchange of information between the two parties.

What benefits can a Headless solution provide to my eCommerce?

With a Headless architecture, you can achieve greater flexibility and customization, since there are less limitations in terms of design, changes, and integrations. Furthermore, it will be much easier to add and connect new channels to create unique experiences because the API allows you to send information to any channel and device.

How does a Headless architecture differ from a Monolithic architecture?

In a monolithic architecture, the Front-end and the Back-end work together, so flexibility and customization capabilities are limited, and the workload is higher, since modifications implemented in one part have to be applied also in the other one. Meanwhile, a Headless architecture decouples the Front-end and Back-end to achieve greater flexibility and more agile adaptations to new trends.

Why should I choose LogiCommerce Headless architecture to enhance my online store?

LogiCommerce is the Headless solution that provides state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price; no hidden costs, no transaction fees. A highly customizable B2B & B2C Unified platform with more than 200 high-end native functionalities that can be easily integrated with third-party solutions. Manage your eCommerce with an easy-to-use BackOffice and grow your business quickly and efficiently.

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