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"The eCommerce platform, from startup to enterprise"

LogiCommerce is a Headless eCommerce platform providing cutting-edge technology to growing business and large enterprises, with high efficiency and full scalability at an affordable price.

Turn visitors into Customers
There's a better way to grow

All-in-one eCommerce software perfectly suited for your business and marketing needs.

Provide an engaging customer experience, guide your clients to conversion, lower the abandoned cart rate, increase ROIs, increase traffic and boost your sales with the best marketing features. A set of high-end eCommerce features that will fit into your business requirements and beyond.

Multi-Invoicing Company

Create multiple companies and bill your customers based on their location.

Multi-Currency Accounting

Create accounting entries per company and accept multiple currencies.

Multi-Currency System

Set prices of products, discounts, shipping and payments in multiple currencies.

Omni-Channel System

Create a smooth O2O experience by connecting your online channels with your sales outlets.

Multi-Channel System

Segment your orders by filtering your visitors by device, country, user-agent, domain and many others criteria selection.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Assign inventory between multiple warehouses and keep an accurate tracking of your stock items for all your channels.

Return Management Authorization (RMA)

Allow your customers to initiate returns or partial returns through their personal account.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Create, maintain and enrich your product information for your online and offline product catalogs.

Advanced B2B capabilities

Enable customized pricing lists, price by quantity and fares per customer groups, and more.

Multi-Domain Scheme

Configure your eShop with multiple domains to engage with clients and higher SEO rankings.

GDPR Compliance

Get complete control over your users' data and be GDPR compliant-ready.

Sell on Marketplaces

Sell on marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando, Tmall, eBay, and many more and centralize your inventory, orders, deliveries and clients.

Product Bundles

Create easily product bundles just by dragging and dropping, and set cheaper prices or discounts.

Store Locator and Pick up points

Give your customers the ability to find and pick up their orders from any of your sales outlets or warehouses.

Sales Agent Management

Link your sales representatives to specific customer accounts and create quotes and set sales commissions.

Multi-Shipment System

Generate multiple shipments of an order based on different logistic criteria such as source warehouse, shipping carrier and delivery times.

Visual Merchandising

Organizing products on catalog pages so that they will be grouped and shown to the definite customer segment.

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers by filtering categories, products, information pages, blog posts, payments, shipping, etc.

Advanced Promotion System

Increase sales with Automatic Predictive Discounts, Gifts, Coupons, Wish Lists and many more.

SEO Suite

Top-Rank your eShop with a bench of feature-rich SEO tools and spend your marketing budget elsewhere.

Real-Time Business Dashboard

Monitor your online business in Real-Time with dozens of predefined KPIs.


Reach your audience with their own localized reference currency, formats, languages, and segmentation.

Loyalty Systems

Reward and convince your customers with ePoints System, Member Get Member and Affiliates built-in features.

Commerce Blog

Spur your eCommerce growth, engage more customers, cross & up-sell and build up authority for SEO with the embedded blog.


Sell where your customers are shopping by integrating with top marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

Social Commerce

Engage with more customers on social networks with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo integrations.

Advanced Search

Empower your store with smart search engines for complex search criteria to increase your conversion.

MAP Pricing

Comply with the Minimum Advertised Price while offering your best price to market.

The future of eCommerce Software is here, and it’s Headless

Deliver outstanding shopping experiences anywhere and grow with confidence.

LogiCommerce is an avant-garde of Headless eCommerce platforms, a Java Core eCommerce solution built to be integrated easily with any frontend (Web, Mobile, POS, Car Commerce, Smart Homes, WeChat, In-store experiences, Internet of Things and many more), offering exciting benefits, such as:

  • API-driven eCommerce

  • Shopping Cart

  • Content available, independent from channels and devices

  • Fully integrated features

  • Seamless feature updates accessibility

  • New feature addition without disruption

  • Robust and reliable technology

  • Framework - simple integration with other resources or new developments

  • API Sync (synchronize with ERPs, CRMs, etc.)

  • Tailor-made feature development upon request

  • Advanced technology at competitive price

  • 100% China compatibility and accessibility

Manage with ease

Easily manage your eCommerce from a user-friendly Control Panel and cut down the amount of time you spend managing your platform.

Visual & Intuitive
Drag & Drop
Contextual menus
Copy / Paste
Multiple selection
Easy start
Smart Search
Real time Monitoring
Business Dashboard
Predefined KPIs
Client statistics
Orders statistics
Product statistics
Analytics Integration
Maps integration
Fast operation

LogiCommerce is a highly customizable headless ecommerce platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions, can be deployed in any environment, and is backed by a vast network of LogiCommerce Experts ready to help you.

LogiCommerce Marketplace

Marketing Automation, AI tools, WeChat Mini-programs, Payment gateways and over 300 selected Apps ensure your eCommerce can be customized to fit your requirements.

Tailor-made designs, for unique needs

Create immersive and engaging design experiences on any device and follow your clients everywhere

Commerce design isn’t just about graphics, it should also be functional and user-friendly on any device.

LogiCommerce Headless allows you to create a great commerce experience on every single channel. From highly customized PHP, react.js, angular or any new technology, you can easily integrate the most complex designs with pixel accuracy.

We handle infrastructure, you handle business.

LogiCommerce Elastic Cloud

Ensure your organization is ready to scale with 99.9% uptime. SLAs, global lightning speed, seamless updates without disruption and 24x7 Premium Support.

LogiCommerce On-Premise

Get direct control and protection over your data and complete control over issue resolution, windows of maintenance, security and patches.

Data Protection & GDPR Compliance for your eCommerce


Everything about LogiCommerce is engineered to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data.


LogiCommerce complies with high security, data ownership, and user privacy regulations in all countries.


LogiCommerce helps you comply with Cookies, the GDPR, and the ePrivacy Directive to ensure all data is handled with care.

Integrate your ERP with LogiCommerce

Synchronize with your ERP, CRM or any other application in real-time under maximum security and smooth communication.

Streamline your core processes and increase efficiency synchronizing your inventory, orders, customer data, promotions and shipping details between your business systems. With an ERP integrated solution, you eliminate the challenge of maintaining and duplicating any data outside of your ERP, which means your eCommerce can run smoothly.

LogiCommerce can be easily integrated with any existing Enterprise Resource Planning or heterogeneous system, from databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or even particular standard ERPs, like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE or CRM like Salesforce, Netsuite, Zoho, and others.
Updates & Upgrades

Stay ahead of your competitors

LogiCommerce delivers updated and new advanced features throughout the year to help brands grow their online business faster. LogiCommerce Steering Committee is in the avant-garde of the eCommerce sector and together with our customer suggestions, allow us to be first in launching new functionalities.

Benefit from new features as soon as they’re rolled out with LogiCommerce Elastic Cloud.
Agile Support

Always by your side

Our support plans cover any kind of needs and requirements, for both customers and Experts. Our plans ensure business continuity and help our customers to save time and money.

Shift your budget spend on operational IT services to strategic and marketing initiatives that deliver short-term real business value.

Leverage your existing tech stack with LogiCommerce Headless flexible APIs and create seamless ecommerce experiences that inspire your marketing team.

LogiCommerce enables businesses
To evolve faster and to stay ahead of their competition due to its’ agile approach and enterprise-class tools.

LogiCommerce Studio

Develop, code and manage your projects of your team in multiple environments under a single tool.


Carry out project developments in multiple branches and merge them with other environments with GIT version control system.

API Sync

Synchronize with your ERP, CRM or any another application in
real-time under maximum security and smooth communication.

Framework (SDK for Plug-ins)

Fully integrate third-party systems and plug-ins natively and publish them in the LogiCommerce Marketplace.


Update events regularly and then continue to send notifications to other applications as it happens in real time.


Find the answers you need with relevant documentation and resources.
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