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Grow your business further by expanding your offering with LogiCommerce and together we shape the future of eCommerce
Satisfied Clients
Lead generation by LogiCommerce
Maximize your revenue stream & Grow your Business
Earn large and recurring commissions
On-boarding, Technical Training and Sales enablement
Attractive Marketing Opportunities
Technical Support & Seamless Upgrades
Access to roadmap
Partner Badges & Co-branded collateral
Partner Landing Page
Best practices on Blog, Partner case studies...
Since 1999 we aim to improve and deliver state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions in order to establish profitable win-win-win Partnerships with our Experts and merchants worldwide.

Through the combination of more than 20 years of expertise in the industry, in-depth market knowledge and the feedback of our clients, the ultimate eCommerce software was built - by an agency for agencies.

To address the global community, we work closely with local Experts offering strategic know-how to retailers and brands of all sizes by consulting and implementing LogiCommerce.

At LogiCommerce we believe in the mind-set of mutual success, hence, our Partners are the core of our ecosystem and we are committed to support you on every step of the way!
High performance is the result of trust, not only in our solution but also in our partnership. Therefore, we support you all along the way, from presales to sales and marketing!
Ensure your clients satisfaction by providing first-class eCommerce services.
LogiCommerce allows you to successfully launch high-performing and scalable B2C and B2B eCommerce sites by providing cutting-edge technology with advanced functionalities.
We support you in gaining visibility, and business growth by assisting you in winning every deal.
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Partnership levels

The Selected Solution Expert level is designed to provide the necessary resources and support for building successful online shops with LogiCommerce. eCommerce agencies can profit from our Solution Partner Program without any minimum requirement.
Experienced Solution Experts leverage proficient expertise in LogiCommerce. They show their commitment and have proven their capabilities by achieving different LogiCommerce Certifications. Experienced Partners are rewarded with many benefits of the Solution Partner Program.
Premier Solution Experts are highly experienced agencies and leaders in installing and maintaining LogiCommerce. They cover all certifications while also being able to manage complex integrations meeting any customer requirements. Premier Partners can take full advantage of all benefits from the Solution Partner Program, including access to Sales leads, higher commissions, bigger discounts, and many more.

Solution Expert Perks

Earn large & recurring commissions
Earn ongoing revenue by building LogiCommerce stores for your clients
Up to 25% on LogiCommerce Growth & Business
Up to 25% on Add-ons
Up to 12% on consumption or transaction fees
Up to 12% on Support Plans
5% commission for lead generation of LogiCommerce Growth & Business
First Project
In order to make the first project with LogiCommerce as smooth as possible, we give you special support during the first project. Defining the scope of the project, helping with the requirements of the merchant as well as any technical doubt along the project setup.
Agency Experience & Sales Support
We help you in defining Project scopes. Get experienced sales support – We speed up the sales cycle by assisting and sharing our know-how with your team, if requested, we also help you with the proposals or accompany you to the meeting with the merchant.
Attractive Marketing Opportunities
We support you in gaining visibility, business growth and our Sales & Marketing team assists you in winning every deal. High performance is the result of trust, not only in our solution but also in our Partnership.
We support our Experts all along the way, from presales to sales and marketing!
Listing as Solution Integrators on our web
Get your own Partner Landing Page in our Expert directory and showcase your services
Logo rights and Expert badges
Co-branding with LogiCommerce for specific campaigns
Best practices on Blog, Expert case studies, videos, webinars, whitepapers, and other materials
Sponsorship opportunities for events hosted by LogiCommerce
Promoting Partnership: announcement on blog, press release, featured in newsletter
Provided Merchandising
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Our team carefully reviews your application. If approved, you will receive the Partnership Agreement and once signed, you will get access to trainings, support, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate link to track each referral.
Lead generation by LogiCommerce
Your success is our success!
The LogiCommerce Sales & Marketing team generates leads for you. Rather than competing with our Experts, our team is provided with incentives to assist you in winning every deal. Our team forwards the leads to the Expert that fits best to the requirements of each brand.
Maximize your revenue stream
Do not let the revenue stream end once the project is done. Offer additional Services to the merchant, and leverage your position as Solution Expert by providing different Support Plans, Marketing & Consultant Services or new Designs.
Partner Portal
Get your private area within our Partner Portal to:
Manage your account info, billing and contracts
Manage your clients, lead registration and tracking of your revenue share/commissions
Access the Partner Academy and explore our available Manuals and Webinars, or discover different trainings and certification opportunities
Contact our partner Support team
Or get direct access to our Development Center where you can find all technical documentation
Since 1999 Shaping the future of eCommerce
On-boarding &
Sales Enablement
Gain expertise and specific knowledge about the software through our On-boarding, Training, Manuals and Webinars.
During On-boarding, we provide you with information regarding:
• Features of LogiCommerce
• LogiCommerce Back-office
• Certifications
• Commissions

Moreover, all necessary information regarding prices, versions, features, etc. is accessible through the Expert Portal.
An assigned LogiCommerce Partner Manager makes all necessary introductions and provides the support needed.
All Experts can access specific manuals of LogiCommerce in the Expert Portal.
Webinars & Videos
Webinars are held to inform about new features or general information about Add-ons among others.
You find a tour of the BackOffice and the basic functionalities of LogiCommerce in the Expert Portal.
• Live Webinars
• Recorded Webinars
Specific Training can be purchased.
Gain specific expertise on LogiCommerce and get certified! Since we want you to succeed, we offer our Experts a specific training of LogiCommerce so that you can:
• Enhance the trust of your customers
• Execute Projects with high efficiency
• Add value to your services and solve complex customer situations
• Gain competitive advantages
Access to Roadmap & Product Development
A designated team constantly analyzes and researches new trends and requirements. As part of that process, Feedback from our Experts is necessary and helps to consider and evaluate requests from the brands.
All Roadmap updates are announced through our Partner Newsletter and Partner Portal.
Premier Solution Experts can also impact developments on the roadmap.
Each LogiCommerce license already includes the Essential Support Plan, which is given directly to you, the Expert. It is possible to upgrade the Software Support to the Enterprise or Enterprise Advanced Support Plan at any time.
In addition, you can add extra value to each project by offering your own personalized support packages to your clients.
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