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Omnichannel eCommerce

Create outstanding customer experiences across all touchpoints

Set-up Physical Locations of your stores and create different Channels according to your Business Model.
LogiCommerce Omnichannel Experience
Deliver unified experience and manage all your sales channels from a single Control Panel.


Create immersive and engaging designs and follow your clients everywhere by connecting all your channels to provide the best shopping experience with 200+ functionalities and full scalability.

One solution

Sell across multiple channels such as marketplaces, apps, social media, and physical stores to generate more revenue while maintaining smooth communication throughout the whole Customer Journey.

Buy online,
Pick up & Return
in store

Provide your customers with maximum flexibility by allowing them to pick up articles in-store, in pick-up points or at home, and let them request returns through their personal area.

Sell more,
Worry less

Manage and track your sales and orders from a user-friendly Control Panel, and cut down the amount of time you spend managing your platform.
Start building your Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy today

Your all-in-one eCommerce software

Headless eCommerce

Full creative control across all your Front-ends for a unified customer experience

Omnichannel System

Build a seamless O2O experience by connecting your online channels with your points of sale

User-friendly Control Panel

Manage all your channels from a single Control Panel and simplify your daily operations

Scalability & Performance

Ready to scale with a min of 99% of SLA, global lighting speed and 24/7 support

High-Efficiency Core

A high-performance Java-based eCommerce solution for growing brands

Unique Customer Experiences

Provide engaging customer experiences for unique needs on every single channel

Supercharge with Apps

A highly customizable platform that can be easily integrated with third-party solutions

Seamless Updates

Invisible, reliable and instantaneous updates in the background with no interruptions.

Create engaging and differentiated shopping experiences on any device to increase your conversion rate

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Headless eCommerce
What is Omnichannel Experience?

The Omnichannel Experience is a strategy based on using multiple communication channels (online and offline) to provide the consumer a unified and unique shopping experience throughout the Customer Journey on any channel and device.

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel?

The main difference between both concepts is that, in a Multichannel Experience, channels are not connected to each other and you follow different strategies for each channel, and in an Omnichannel Experience, you can focus on unifying all your channels to improve the experience of your customers.

How does Headless technology enhance an Omnichannel approach?

Synchronizing multiple sales channels can be a complex task, but with a Headless architecture, implementing an omnichannel approach can be significantly simplified thanks to its flexibility, agility and customization capabilities across all the touchpoints between an eCommerce and its users.

Can I create different Front-ends?

By decoupling the Front-end from the Back-end, you can connect several Front-ends to the same Back-end, to centralize all the data and information of your online store, and send it to multiple channels simultaneously, such as your eCommerce web Front-end, App, Mobile Front-end, Social Commerce, IoT, etc.

Wich are the main benefits of an Omnichannel Approach?

The main benefits are the bidirectional interaction to improve the communication between your customer and your brand, and also, to favor a more fluid and connected shopping experience that will help you to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce.

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