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How does Headless technology help with the internationalization of your online store?


Since online sales channels have no physical barriers, the global reach of an online store is much greater and makes it possible to scale faster and boost your sales in new markets.

In order to make the internationalization process as easy as possible, it is crucial to choose the right eCommerce platform providing you with the right technology and architecture to adapt your eCommerce to different customer needs and new trends that evolve. Headless eCommerce is built on an architecture that separates the Front-end from the Back-end to achieve greater flexibility across all the sales channels of a brand.

Before beginning to plan the international go-to-market strategies of your eCommerce, you should take into account several factors that can determine your success in the different markets such as languages, consumer habits, currencies, most used payment methods, prices, etc.

With a Headless solution you can achieve greater flexibility and personalization:

Adapt content per market

Offer local payment methods

Connect with international carriers

Configure taxes depending on product and country

Optimize your SEO and roll out campaigns per market

Configure your eCommerce with multiple domains

Generate multiple shipments based on different logistic criteria

Set prices in multiple currencies to obtain more purchases

LogiCommerce is the Headless eCommerce solution that covers all the above-mentioned points and offers more than 200 native features to empower your global sales. It allows you to connect the entire customer experience and sales channels with a complete B2B & B2C Unified Platform. Wherever your business is, build and grow your eCommerce through an elastic scaling system with a minimum of 99% guaranteed uptime and SLA.

Prepare your store with datacenters in most parts of the world

Connect and add new channels easier to create unique experiences

Enable your eCommerce to increase or decrease capacity automatically thanks to its Elastic Cloud

Achieve outstanding speed to guarantee the best for your online store and customers

Get 24/7 Support, global lightning speed and seamless updates without disruption

Create multiple Front-ends while also connecting to different sales channels

Apply changes in the Front-end or the Back-end without harming the other part

Adapt your online store to the needs of any country

As we said, there are many things to consider when you want to sell internationally, and a Headless eCommerce platform allows you to expand your business faster, with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost while keeping an engaging customer experience that closely aligns with your go-to-market strategy.

Thanks to the decoupling of both parties, changes can be made on the Front-end or Back-end without disrupting each other. The key to the internationalization of eCommerce is to be able to adapt to new trends and needs of any customer and country while also offering exceptional shopping experiences. If you know what your customers really want, you will increase your loyalty rate and sales. With LogiCommerce Headless Cloud, you can manage all your international sales from a single and friendly Control Panel, implement updates seamlessly and focus your time on scaling your business.

LogiCommerce provides you with the flexibility, agility, and adaptability you need to succeed internationally.

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