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LogiCommerce and MultiSafepay partner up to drive an innovative payment system solution in eCommerce

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Technology plays an important role in our lives, as it's something with which practically the majority of the population interacts daily. Moreover, it is constantly evolving, so adapting to all those technological innovations that improve the customer experience and make the purchasing process easier, will always result in a great opportunity for eCommerce.

LogiCommerce is firmly devoted to support the change with those cutting-edge technologies that help the eCommerce sector grow. That is why we are committed to MultiSafepay - a payment service provider that offers the most complete and innovative solutions to create the best payment experiences. The integration between both companies allows eCommerce stores to reach their full potential making it easier to sell nationally and internationally with multilingual payment systems.

Proximity to customers is what makes Multisafepay stand out from the rest. In addition, they are committed to the most sophisticated technology to create a payment system that is optimized, customizable, and easy to update, incorporating the latest market trends and exceeding customer expectations.

"We are very excited about this partnership with LogiCommerce, a platform with a Headless approach and with which we share the vision of being modular, flexible, and close to the customer. This agreement will help us to build together new experiences around eCommerce, as well as to keep growing stronger towards the great goal of eliminating technological barriers in commerce."

Philippe De Vydt, Head of International Sales at MultiSafepay.

Using the MultiSafepay Plug-in in LogiCommerce, payments are worry-free, as they take care of the necessary agreements, technical details, and payment collection for each payment method.

"We are very happy to welcome MultiSafepay to our growing partner network. This collaboration will have a significant impact on the business our customers. It’s a great opportunity for both of us to grow together in the same direction to achieve shared success."

Màrius Rossell, CEO of LogiCommerce.

In the end, innovation, transparency, and integrity are the basis of the new Partnership with MultiSafepay, so that we can provide leading solutions in the sector; a single platform with infinite possibilities.

If you have an eCommerce and want to access more than 32 payment methods offered by MultiSafepay, contact us and we will help you boost your online sales!

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