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LogiCommerce Solutions - Success stories. By Roger Soler, PMO at Trilogi

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In the dynamic world of eCommerce, innovative and customized solutions are key to success. LogiCommerce has established itself as a versatile and powerful platform capable of adapting to a wide range of business needs.

These are the success stories with LogiCommerce highlighted by Roger Soler, PMO Manager at Trilogi, during his presentation at the first edition of LogiCommerce Connect.

Mucho Camping & LogiCommerce: Improving the User Experience

Mucho Camping, a store specializing in camping accessories, faced the challenge of improving its platform to be more mobile-friendly and facilitate access through social login.

Using LogiCommerce, they significantly improved their mobile adaptability and loyalty system, resulting in a noticeable increase in sales and a strong SEO presence.

Carmina Shoemaker & LogiCommerce: Luxury and Personalization

Carmina Shoemaker, a brand with a rich history in the luxury footwear sector, was seeking a platform that could facilitate a personalized, high-end shopping experience.

With LogiCommerce, they implemented a 3D viewer to customize products. This not only improved the user experience but also increased their sales volume in such a competitive market.

Bosch Marin: Integration and Expansion

Bosch Marín, specialists in stoves, fireplaces, and barbecues, needed a solution that would enable seamless integration with SAP and efficient management of an extensive product catalog.

With LogiCommerce, they achieved a successful integration and launched their project in the midst of the pandemic, capitalizing on a significant surge in demand for DIY and hardware products.

Energy Systems: Diversification and Customization

Energy Systems, a personal sound system brand, faced the challenge of differentiating its various brands and customer segments (B2B and B2C).

Through LogiCommerce, they achieved deep personalization, tailoring the shopping experience to each customer's preferences and specific brand, thereby enhancing their positioning in a diverse market.

MUNICH: Innovation and Business Vision

MUNICH, a sports and fashion footwear brand, has been using LogiCommerce since 2011. Their innovative and visionary approach has allowed them to expand beyond footwear and successfully enter the padel market.

The platform has played a crucial role in supporting this diversification and driving significant revenue growth.

Ona Libres: More than a Bookstore

Ona Libres, a bookstore that doubles as a cultural center, required a digital solution that would capture its unique essence.

With over 50,000 integrated references, LogiCommerce has enabled Ona Llibres to not only sell books online but also convey its passion for literature and culture through an immersive and visually appealing shopping experience.

Final verdict

Each of these cases demonstrates how LogiCommerce adapts to the specific needs of different companies, helping them overcome unique challenges and achieve their business goals.

The platform stands out for its flexibility, ease of use, integration capabilities, and potential for customization, making every eCommerce project a success story.

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