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10 reasons why your eCommerce should have a blog

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Incorporating a blog into your eCommerce page is a good idea for your business. It's the ideal place to show all your knowledge and to help people find the information they are looking for.

It is a channel that will generate greater credibility, trust, visibility, and notoriety to your brand, offering quality content to establish effective relationships and create fluid communication.

To have a blog in your eCommerce can become an added value for your brand. If you publish quality content for different user profiles, the value of your brand will increase. It is the way to connect, help and interact with the public, thus the blog will allow you to strengthen relationships.

SEO Positioning

An eCommerce blog will help your brand to position itself in search engines when a user makes an online search related to the eCommerce sector. So, this way your blog will appear as one of the suggestions on the main page. That will give your blog more visibility and you make it easier for users to find and read your content. To do it, you should analyze and research the most used keywords (keywords that users enter in their Internet search) in your industry and incorporate them into your blog to increase the SEO positioning of your brand.

You will increase organic traffic significantly and also the conversions of your store. Most consumers seek information about the product or service they intend to buy before actually buying it. What if, when someone looks for some (product) information, they find it all in your brand? It would be ideal. You could also get new customers who may have thought of buying from another brand but discover yours and decide to choose the product(s) from your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Through the blog, you can create an omnichannel experience by redirecting the users to your brand's social networks. In addition, a blog offers you the possibility of incorporating your social networks in each publication. So that in case the user is satisfied with your content, they can share it through their profile and, therefore, make it known to other people to get new customers.

Blogposts allow brands to add Instagram images (from their own profile or from somebody else's profiles) and tag products so that when readers hover over the image, they see the tagged products and can add them to the cart directly or visit product page in the online shop. This way, you can link the content of a blog with the eCommerce platform, where users can buy the product and the service.

Visibility and Brand Awareness

Your eCommerce blog will help you achieve greater visibility and brand awareness. If users do not know your brand through the products and services you offer, they will know you through your blog. That is a great opportunity for the brand to suggest quality content. Since the user will consult the blog more frequently, they will remember the name of your brand and, the interest in it will increase.

Constantly working on the visibility and notoriety of your brand will be very useful for the marketing strategies that will be created throughout your business. If you increase the visibility of your brand, you will generate brand awareness and new customers will follow. Some of the benefits of taking these two concepts into account are the following:

  • Reach new customers and building customer loyalty with existing ones
  • Enhance the image of your products and services
  • Reinforce the concept of "brand recall" to remain in the user's memory
  • Create a visual identity to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Increase your brand value and reputation

Brand Loyalty

A blog plays an important role in building customer loyalty to a brand. Why?

The habits and priorities of most customers have changed. They are no longer only interested in the products and services of a brand. Often it is more important to them to also connect and identify with the brand. Therefore, in an eCommerce, the blog plays a fundamental role.

When this connection is established, customer satisfaction increases, so it is very likely, that they will trust your company again for future purchase occasions. It's now when you can consider that a relationship has been established. At this point, the customer often chooses to become loyal to the brand. It is important to keep working on customer loyalty because the moment they stop feeling that relationship of trust and connection, they will not hesitate to prioritize other brands.

Informative communication channel

A brand's blog can be considered an informative communication channel. It is the ideal space where a brand can publish relevant information on any topic, news, tips, trends, promotions, etc. to solve any doubt or problem to users and improve the relationship between brand and customer.

Communication is vital to creating strong relationships. That is why there must be fluid communication, since, as a result, you will provide two important concepts in the eCommerce sector; trust and security. Through blog content, you will increase credibility. It is a channel where you can talk about yourself, who you are, and what you do in a closer way with the user, and that usually gives the reader a lot of confidence in your brand.

You will attract more visitors

One of the main advantages of creating a blog for eCommerce is the possibility of being able to reach more visitors. It is a way to attract new users who can become new customers in the future. Once the user is interested in the content of your website and consumes it regularly, it will be easier to offer them your product or service.

To attract more visitors to your blog, you should know the interests of your target group. Blogging gives you the great opportunity to get to know your current and potential customers.

Detect potential costumers

The blog will help you to detect potential customers of your brand. It is important to take them into account, since they will generate income in the future and the growth of your company depends on these potential new customers.

In order to reach the needs of each one, it would be best to segment the different types of potential customers according to their characteristics, buying habits, demographic profile, values, needs, interests, etc. This will allow you to create specific strategies for each of them and detect more precisely what information and content each group is looking for, so that you can offer it to them.

Online community

The blog will allow you to create an online community through because users can make comments on each of the articles you publish. It will concede you to maintain a closer relationship with them and will also offer the possibility for users to interact with each other. They can ask and answer questions, give advice, help each other, etc.

We must keep in mind that comments on a blog will not only be positive. Users could also leave negative comments and, it is important for you to answer them and know how to understand criticism as an opportunity to improve and offer solutions.

Become the Expert in your sector

The fact of having a blog in your eCommerce will make you become a real expert in your sector. It is a tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your business can be positioned at the "top of mind" of users with the products of your brand. It is about offering more and better-quality content.

In addition, through the blog, you can promote other brands and make them known in the market. So many companies will monitor your blog to know it in-depth and contact you to offer collaborations.


When we go to buy a product or want to find out about it in a physical store, we ask the shop assistant, for example, what its advantages are, what makes it different from other products, why it is better, what price it has, etc.

In an online store, there is often no possibility to resolve these doubts physically but, what if we solve their doubts and offer them all the information they need even before the time of purchase? This is exactly what is achieved by incorporating a blog on a website.

Your blog content is a great opportunity to give advice, talk about trends, offer tips, give ideas about some aspects, solve doubts, etc. For example, some of the topics that blogs write about are the following:

  • Top 5 benefits of taking care of your skin
  • Ideas on how to decorate your home for the Holidays
  • Fashion trends for 2022
  • 10 ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones

The idea is to use this channel to help the reader as much as possible. Users and subscribers can receive notifications through the newsletter about new blog articles.


The blog could be considered a universe of answers that floats around a set of concepts of a sector whereby we will be able to create engagement, connect with the user, and establish effective links to increase organic traffic and conversions.

The key is not to have a blog, the key is to have it right. To do that, you must dedicate a generous number of hours of work. It will be worth it as long as you are constant, careful, and selective with the content you create and publish, as it is vital to generate trust and credibility in users that we want to convey.

Your blog should be the place where everyone goes to solve doubts, increase knowledge, and get inspired in their daily lives.

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