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Improving CASAS conversion with seQura

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Innovation in online payment strategies is redefining conversion in eCommerce.

Niels from seQura explained in his presentation during the first edition of LogiCommerce Connect how their collaboration with CASAS Club has revolutionized their approach to online sales.

SeQura: More than a Payment Solution

Foundation and Growth: SeQura, founded in 2013 in Barcelona, has expanded its presence to several countries in Europe and Latin America. It positions itself as a comprehensive marketing tool for eCommerce.

Focus and Philosophy: The company not only provides payment options but also focuses on improving essential metrics for any online store.

CASAS Club and their Journey with SeQura

History and Collaboration: CASAS, a brand known for its prestige and quality with a century of experience in the market, partnered with seQura in 2021.

Collaboration Objectives: To improve key aspects such as conversion, sales volume, and purchase recurrence on the CASAS platform.

Key Strategies and Implementation to increase conversion

Postponed Payment: This option allows new customers to make payments after receiving the product, building trust and facilitating conversion.

"Divide in 3" Payment Plan: Allows users to make purchases and split the payment into three installments, easing the immediate financial burden.

Results and Benefits

Increase in Order Value: The possibility of deferred payments from the start encourages customers to add more items to their carts.

Growth in Volume and Orders: These options have resulted in a significant increase in both the number of orders and the total sales volume.

Innovation with the Flexi Product

Payment Flexibility: The introduction of the Flexi product allows customers to choose deferred payments at no additional cost or extend the deadline with a small monthly fee.

Impact on Conversion: This flexibility has proven to be effective in significantly increasing both conversion and the average purchase value.

Redefining Deferred Payment to maximize conversion

Focus on Acceptance: Unlike traditional banks, seQura focuses on accepting the maximum number of deferred payment requests possible.

High Acceptance Rate: Their strategy focuses on maintaining a high acceptance rate to maximize conversion.

The Role of Completion Rate

Importance of the Indicator: It measures the number of customers who complete the payment process after choosing a payment option.

Competitive Advantage: SeQura stands out for its high completion rate, thanks to its recognition in the market and the trust it inspires in consumers.

Final Verdict

The collaboration between seQura and CASAS Club illustrates the power of innovative payment strategies in eCommerce. By focusing on improving the customer experience and offering flexible payment options, seQura has significantly helped CASAS increase its conversion and average purchase value.

This case demonstrates how adapting payment solutions to consumer needs can become a highly effective marketing tool, driving growth and success in eCommerce.

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