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Cross-Border Success Story - Salesupply & Segway. By Jeroen Leenders, founder of Salesupply and Dennis Hardholt, president at Segway - Ninebot

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In the world of eCommerce, success stories inspire and offer valuable lessons. One such story is that of Segway and its collaboration with Salesupply to conquer the international market.

In a presentation during the first edition of LogiCommerce Connect, Dennis Harold, President of Segway, and Jeroen Leenders shared details about this international success story.

The Essence of Segway: Innovation and Expansion

Segway, initially an American company, was acquired by the Chinese company Ninebot in 2015. This move marked the beginning of a new era for Segway, renowned for its iconic personal transportation.

However, Segway's product range has evolved far beyond its original model, extending to a variety of electric vehicles and delivery robots, particularly in China.

The Challenge of Cross-Border Trade

The main challenge for Segway was to establish a direct-to-consumer channel in key European markets. Collaboration with Salesupply, a company with expertise in assisting brands with internationalization, was crucial to achieving this goal. Salesupply provided global fulfillment services and customer support, which were critical to Segway's expansion.

Segway's Decision: D2C Online Shop

Under Harold's leadership, Segway decided to launch a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online store. This decision was based on his previous experience at Sony Electronics, where he managed the direct-to-consumer online business. The online store would enable Segway to have complete control over the customer experience and ensure that its entire range of products was accessible to European consumers.

The Importance of Flexibility and Scalability

For Segway, it was crucial to have a solution that could easily adapt and expand. Salesupply provided a plug-and-play solution that enabled Segway to expand its presence from six to ten European countries. This ability to scale without significant investments in systems or resources was a crucial factor in Segway's success in these emerging markets.

Managing Logistical Challenges

Segway products present unique challenges in terms of logistics due to their size, weight, and the inclusion of batteries. Salesupply successfully addressed these challenges, ensuring efficient management of warehousing, transportation, and reverse logistics, which are crucial for an excellent after-sales experience.

Brand Control and Customer Experience

Despite outsourcing various operational aspects, Segway was adamant about maintaining full control over crucial elements such as pricing and marketing. This was essential to avoid channel conflicts with its other business partners and to maintain a consistent brand strategy.

Final verdict

The story of Segway and Salesupply is an excellent example of how a company can successfully expand into international markets while maintaining brand quality and customer satisfaction.

This collaboration demonstrates the importance of strategic partnerships and adaptability in the ever-changing realm of cross-border eCommerce.

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