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The importance of Customer Experience in the success of your business

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The concept of Customer Experience has evolved over the years to become one of the fundamental elements that make the difference between the competition. In a physical store, the consumer establishes direct communication with the sales assistant that substantially improves their experience with the brand but, in eCommerce, it is something that many brands do not take into account.

Since the pandemic and the lock-down, the population began to increase their online shopping, as it was the only way they could make a purchase, to the point that, today, consumers often prefer to order online for convenience and even to avoid enclosed spaces. From this point on, it became clear that Customer Experience plays an important role in the success of any business and should, therefore, be considered in the strategy of your eCommerce.

What is the Customer Experience?

The term Customer Experience (CX) refers to the memory that is generated in the mind of a consumer from their experience and relationship with a brand.

The memory is formed by emotions, perceptions, and feelings that they have felt at some point and that their mind collects to create a memory about a purchase process.

Customer Experience is the relationship between consumer and brand before, during, and after the acquisition.

This concept should be very important for all companies because if a brand offers a unique Customer Experience, the memory of your brand will be positive. So, the customer will buy again in your business in the future or even become loyal to your brand.

The CX is not only formed by the memory that the customer has in their purchase process, but many other factors will be taken into account when evaluating the experience before, during, and after the purchase. Customer service, Internet navigation, speed of loading the website, blog content for possible queries, conflict resolution, shipment tracking, support, returns, … These factors and many more, will guarantee the customer a good experience with the brand and, therefore, an increase in loyalty, loyalty, and engagement.

So, what are the key concepts to create a good Customer Experience?

Memory, created from emotions, perceptions and feelings.

Service, which is offered to the customer to solve any doubt and provide a good solution.

Communication, which exists throughout the purchase process between brand and consumer.

Relationship, which is created during and after the purchase between the two of them.

What benefits will your brand gain if you spend more time on improving the Customer Experience?

Increase number of sales

As we have said before, taking care of the customer's shopping experience is vital to increase sales. Having a satisfied customer means that they will buy from your brand, and if their experience is good, they may buy from you for a long period. Therefore, we can say that a positive Customer Experience leads to an increase in sales.

Acquisition of new customers and/or users

If you have satisfied customers, you will get new customers, and you will also have more chances for them to become loyal to your brand. The fact that the customer feels well attended and the brand offers a good service means that the brand adds points when the customer decides to invest or buy in one company or another.

Improve brand reputation

Creating a unique and positive customer experience will enhance brand reputation. This is so relevant because it is one of the aspects on which a customer relies when buying. If the reputation of the brand is negative, no matter how much the customer wants the product, the customer will think twice about whether to buy it or not. They will probably end up not doing so because of the opinions they may have read in forums or from acquaintances who advise them not to buy.

Therefore, having a good brand reputation is something fundamental that, in turn, will allow you to reach new customers and increase your customers' trust.

Satisfying customer needs

One of the factors that make up a good Customer Experience is knowing how to satisfy the customer's needs, and for this, you need to listen to them and see what they are looking for, what they are missing, what they want, etc. Taking these needs into account will allow you to offer them what they are really looking for so that they buy from your brand and are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Create an emotional connection with the customer

Creating an emotional connection with the customer will favor their experience with your brand. In addition, there is the possibility that they can identify with what you are telling them and create that emotional bond that is so positive for brands. Knowing how to listen and wanting to understand you customers is something very important that will determine a “before” and “after” in the relationship between a brand and consumer.

When a client connects emotionally with a brand, they automatically become attached. It's very important for the customer to feel part of the success of your company.

Associate brand promise with Customer Experience

The mission, vision, commitment, and values of a brand are essential to connect with the customer. Having a clear brand promise and knowing how to transmit it will be vital to generate positive emotions and feelings in the minds of consumers that will later determine their behavior towards the brand.

More recommendations

If the customer is satisfied with your brand, he will recommend your brand, product, or services to their family and friends. They will even publish opinions, reviews, and advice in Internet forums so that others can choose you as their first option when deciding to buy a product. A good recommendation increases your reputation.


Customer Experience is a fundamental element to achieve a good brand reputation and to increase the number of sales and customers for your brand.

It is important to avoid long lines in the store, long waiting times, poor customer service, poor order management, shortages in products and services, creating problems for customers instead of solutions, etc.

If your brand doesn't create problems and offers solutions along with good customer service, it is very likely that the customer's experience before, during, and after the purchase is going to be positive.

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