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Guerrilla marketing: a creative and effective way to reach your target audience without spending a fortune on advertising.

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Often, companies feel trapped in an advertising arms race in which financial resources are no longer sufficient to continue competing with the big players in the market. However, the solution to this problem can be found in guerrilla marketing, a creative and unconventional strategy that can help companies reach their target audience without having to spend a fortune on advertising. It is based on the idea of making the most of available resources to reach consumers.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that focuses on creativity and innovation to promote a brand or product to a specific target audience in a different and unconventional way. The main objective is to attract the public's attention and generate an emotional response to create a lasting impact in their memory.

Unlike traditional advertising, which is usually costly and often perceived as intrusive, guerrilla marketing seeks to create a more authentic and personal connection with the audience using exciting and entertaining techniques.

Rather than relying on traditional media, guerrilla marketing focuses on creating memorable and meaningful experiences for the target audience.

Guerrilla Marketing


  • Social media: A company creates a creative social media campaign that engages its audience, such as a creative challenge or contest, so that users feel a deeper connection with the brand.
  • Urban art: A company sponsors murals or graffiti in a strategic area of the city to promote its brand in a creative way.
  • Activations: The company organizes an activation in a public place, such as a flashmob or a free show, to attract public attention and promote its brand.
  • Street marketing: This refers to using public space to promote your brand or product. Above, you can see an example that LogiCommerce put into practice in the streets of Lisbon. Undoubtedly, it is about taking advantage of any resource and opportunity to generate an impact on the population.

Why is guerrilla marketing effective?

It is cheaper than traditional advertising methods

Compared to traditional advertising methods, guerrilla marketing is generally much cheaper as many of the tactics used in guerrilla marketing are free of charge.

Can generate an immediate emotional response

The goal is to emotionally connect with consumers in a more authentic and real way. From a surprise flashmob to a touching video, guerrilla marketing can create a unique and impactful experience that will make consumers pay attention to the brand and remember it even after the campaign has passed.

It can help build brand loyalty

By establishing an emotional connection with consumers, guerrilla marketing can help build deeper brand loyalty. Customers who feel truly connected to a brand are more likely to return and recommend it to others.

Can increase brand visibility

It is often done in unconventional and eye-catching ways, which can generate a great deal of attention and interaction in both online and offline channels. and in person. This can significantly increase brand visibility and reach new consumers.

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