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Personalization and automation: the future that became present. By Guido Boulay, Growth Partner at Acumbamail

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In the dynamic world of eCommerce, personalization and automation have become essential elements for the success of online businesses and the future that is now present.

Guido Boulay's keynote during the first edition of LogiCommerce Connect shared insightful techniques capable of transforming how companies approach their eCommerce strategy.

The Reality of eCommerce and the Need for Evolution

eCommerce is no longer solely about having an online store; it also involves understanding how to attract traffic and convert visitors into sales. In this context, conversion rates play a crucial role.

With advertising becoming increasingly expensive and the challenges posed by changes in privacy policies and the use of cookies, companies must rethink their strategies to remain sustainable.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey from the initial contact to the point of purchase and beyond is essential. The key is to capture and utilize customer data to guide them through their purchasing journey, thereby increasing conversion rates and fostering loyalty.

Proprietary vs. Open Source Third-Party Channels

Proprietary channels, such as a company's website and databases, are valuable assets that companies have complete control over.

Unlike third-party channels, such as marketplaces and social media, where the rules can change and impact visibility and reach.

The Importance of Data Integration

Integrating data from multiple sources is crucial for comprehending the customer and customizing the customer experience.

Tools such as CRM, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and automation platforms can help centralize and leverage this data.

Personalization and Automation

Personalization isn't just about greeting the customer by name; it's about displaying dynamic content based on their interests and past behaviors. This includes personalized product recommendations, intelligent pop-ups, and dynamic content in emails. Definitely, is the future that became the present.

The Role of Email Marketing and Other Channels

Despite predictions of its demise, email marketing is still an effective and profitable channel, especially when used with personalization and automation strategies.

In addition, platforms like WhatsApp and SMS offer new opportunities to engage with customers in an efficient and timely manner.

Measurement and Continuous Improvement

The key to success in utilizing these channels and strategies is to consistently measure and adapt tactics based on customer responses and behaviors.

Relevance and alignment with customer expectations and needs are crucial for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Final verdict

For an eCommerce business to grow sustainably and profitably, it is vital in the future to adopt personalization and automation approaches that enhance the customer experience and optimize marketing processes.

Through a deep understanding of customers and strategic use of data, companies can develop more efficient and cost-effective strategies that will drive their success in the digital age.

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