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Automation in Influencer Marketing. By Sandra Mora, co-founder of Fuelyourbrands and Lucía Peña, Brand Manager atThat Feeling

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Sandra Mora, Co-Founder of Fuelyourbrands, a platform that connects brands with micro-influencers, and Lucía Peña, Brand Manager of That Feeling, a beauty brand that utilizes digital marketing strategies, provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges, solutions, and best practices in Influencer Marketing Automation.

Influencer Marketing Challenges

Brands and agencies face difficulties when initiating influencer marketing campaigns, ranging from identifying the appropriate influencers to managing communication and ensuring effective alignment with the brand's image.

This process can be complex and resource-intensive, particularly for smaller companies or those who are just starting to delve into influencer marketing.

The Role of Microinfluencers

A central part of the talk focuses on the increasing influence of microinfluencers. Unlike influencers with large followings, micro-influencers often have a more limited reach but offer a more authentic and intimate connection with their audience.

This makes them particularly valuable for brands seeking to target specific niche markets. In addition, micro-influencers are often less expensive and offer greater credibility, which is essential in a digital environment where consumer trust is paramount.

Influencer Marketing Automation

FuelYourBrands presents a solution that fully automates the influencer marketing campaign management process. This automation includes everything from identifying and selecting influencers to managing communications and tracking campaigns.

This approach not only saves time and resources but also enables more efficient and effective campaign management. This is particularly beneficial for smaller companies or those with limited resources.

"The Feeling" Case Study

A case study highlighted in the video is That Feeling, a beauty brand that utilizes a fully digital marketing strategy. That Feeling utilizes micro-influencers who closely align with their brand values, which has proven to be an effective strategy.

Their experience with Fuelyourbrands illustrates how automation can facilitate meaningful and fruitful collaborations with influencers, streamlining the process and maximizing results.

Selecting the right influencers

The importance of selecting influencers whose values and communication style align with the brand is emphasized.

The importance of understanding the characteristics of the target audience is emphasized in order to define the type of influencer profile that best suits the brand. It is advisable to utilize tools that automate all processes and collaborate with influencers who not only possess a large following, but also maintain an optimal engagement rate.

Final verdict

Sandra and Lucia's presentation provides a comprehensive and detailed view of how automation is revolutionizing influencer marketing. It offers an in-depth analysis of the current challenges, the advantages of working with micro-influencers, and how it facilitates more efficient and effective processes.

This opens up new opportunities for brands of all sizes in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

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