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We launch the only Headless eCommerce software developed 100% in Spain

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In LogiCommerce, the eCommerce solution with more than 23 years of experience, we launched to the market a new generation of our software with a Headless architecture, thus becoming the only Headless eCommerce platform developed 100% in Spain.

This advanced technology allows developers to separate the Front-end (visual interface) from the Back-end (administrative part), to offer a faster and more flexible system. By doing so, with a Headless approach, companies can offer their customers more personalized and intuitive shopping experiences, without sacrificing loading speed.

A new era starts with LogiCommerce

eCommerce has experienced an important growth in the last few years, leading companies to join this trend. LogiCommerce is a Headless eCommerce solution in SaaS mode on AWS (Amazon Web Services) developed 100% in Spain that provides cutting-edge technology through a unified B2B & B2C platform.

We offer more than 200 native functionalities, an ultra-intuitive BackOffice, integrations with third parties, a globally self-scalable infrastructure, regular updates without interruptions and 24/7 support, among many other things.

At LogiCommerce we are democratizing Headless eCommerce platforms, becoming one of the most affordable solutions in the market; with no hidden costs or transaction fees.

The success of an online business increasingly depends on its ability to adapt to the changing demands and needs of consumers. A Headless platform like LogiCommerce will allow you to be agile, scalable and flexible enough to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Register for the Webinar with LogiCommerce on March 2 at 17.00h CET

On March 2nd at 17.00h CET will take place a Webinar where we will analyze the potential of Headless eCommerce and how it can help companies to improve the shopping experience of their customers to differentiate themselves from others.

In this Webinar, great referents in the sector such as MUNICH and Carmina Shoemaker together with LogiCommerce, we will be sharing our knowledge about eCommerce and our experience.

Register for the Webinar next March 2 at 17.00 CET, here

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