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The importance of a great content strategy for your eCommerce

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The creation of content on digital platforms is key to any marketing strategy, since apart from offering the most useful information for users, both about products or services, as well as related topics that may be of interest, it is also the perfect way to drive traffic to the desired site.

These are just two reasons why carrying out a correct content strategy is essential in eCommerce, but the benefits are even more, as will be shown below. It is also key to know how to do it, to achieve the desired results.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have the right professionals, capable of grasping the idea that you want to capture and, of course, to carry it out.

These are the benefits of having a good content strategy for your eCommerce

As mentioned above, the two main benefits of content marketing are the creation of publications with data and information that may be of interest to users, thus making them feel attracted to the brand, and the generation of traffic to the eCommerce, thus facilitating the increase in the number of sales. But there is more: having the right content strategy is also linked to the following benefits:

  • It boosts trust in the brand in question.
  • It helps to capture new leads: all those users who are interested in your content directly become potential customers.
  • It helps to convert these new potential customers into final customers: once they have been attracted by what is being told, it is easier for these new users to become customers.
  • Improves brand image: the use of quality, interesting content that adds value to a brand can positively improve its image.
  • It can create an extra income stream: on some platforms it is possible to monetize content, so if this strategy is successful, it can become a source of income.

Know the steps to define and carry out your content strategy.

But it is not enough to generate content without any sense or previously set guidelines.

To achieve the desired results and reach the defined objectives, it is essential to follow a series of simple steps to create a beneficial content strategy:

First, you must identify your buyer persona, that is, your ideal customer. The buyer persona is the type of customer for whom you have designed the product or service you are offering and want to sell. It should be noted that this ideal user can change throughout the sales funnel, depending on the moment of purchase in which the customer is. To identify your buyer persona, it is essential to analyze several key aspects, such as demographics, personality, needs, purchase motivation and, of course, the content channels they use most.

The next step is to know how your audience consumes their favorite content. To do this, a double analysis must be made, on the one hand, analyze current industry trends, as these technological aspects are driven by fads, and on the other hand, as is obvious, analyze the internal data of the company itself, knowing how your audience consumes your own content.

Next, it is time to do some research to create the right content. To do this, you can analyze the competition, the topics they deal with, as well as perform an SEO study, to always understand what the most interesting topics and the keywords are that should be used. It is also time to start developing an editorial calendar of publications, indicating each content to be carried out, the platform on which it will be published and the exact time at which it will be done.

The next step is one of the most important and is to publish the content considering the point in the sales funnel where your buyer persona is, as mentioned above.

  • If the user is in the first part of the funnel, the moment of discovery of a need and the search for products or services to meet it, the most appropriate medium to offer content are blogs and social networks.
  • If the user is in the middle of the funnel, that is, in the consideration stage, the most suitable content are success stories, comparison guides or similar.
  • Finally, if the user is at the bottom of the sales funnel, in the purchase stage, the most suitable media are chatbots and email. Then, as it is common in any marketing strategy, it is time to measure the results obtained with the campaign, to analyze its effectiveness and, of course, to make any necessary changes.

By following all these steps, it is possible to achieve the desired content strategy. But, as mentioned at the beginning, it is best to count on specialized professionals to help you achieve the objectives you have set, as is the case of Smart Commerce 21, an agency that helps you take the step to develop and implement content strategies for your eCommerce.

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