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Link Building: key factors, benefits and the most effective strategies for your eCommerce

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Surely you have already heard about Link Building, as it is one of the most effective practices in eCommerce to optimize the organic positioning in search engines and increase the performance of an online store.

When we make reference to SEO, we mainly encounter two different types of it. Firstly, SEO on-page, which refers to the SEO that is worked on the online store itself, and, secondly, SEO off-page, which are all those actions that are worked on other web pages with the aim of creating direct links to your online store. To start introducing this concept, and based on the information mentioned above, we can classify Link Building in the second variant.

In the following lines, we will go deeper into the term of Link Building, making reference to its meaning and importance, benefits, best strategies, and some recommendations to practice it in a correct way.

What is Link Building and why is it important for your eCommerce?

Link Building is a technique used in SEO that consists of generating links in external domains and whose main function is improving SEO positioning among search engines to obtain a higher authority.

These links are known as Back Links, i.e., links that go from an external website to our online store. They are usually used to guide users to useful and interesting resources that will provide them with valuable information according to what they are looking for.

Therefore, Link Building can be very positive for your eCommerce because Google considers that when many web sites point to another website, valuable content is offered with great authority.

Some of Google's criteria for ranking an online store are:

  • The number of links
  • The diversity of links
  • The quality of the links
  • Link context
  • Reliability
  • Anchor text
  • Do follow & No follow

What are the benefits for your eCommerce?

Industry leader

Directly or indirectly, Link Building will progressively make you become an industry leader. This happens because others recommend your online store and, in the end, you end up becoming a reference for both your competitors and your customers.

Improved search engine rankings

Google considers as a very positive aspect that other websites link to your online store, as this means that your content brings such an added value that makes other sites recommend you and their users reach you, thus, increasing the reputation of your eCommerce.

Increased organic traffic

If you build links to your online store, you can increase its visibility and make it more likely to rank high on search engine results pages. This, in turn, will lead to more traffic and potential customers.

Domain Authority

The number of links pointing to your online store is one of Google's main indicators for determining its authority. Therefore, if you get quality links from trusted websites, this will indicate that your site is also a reliable source of information.

Get a wider reach

Having links on external domains will undoubtedly cause some of their users to click on your link to discover new content. This will mean that people who may not have known about you before, will now do so and even turn into potential customers.

Increased sales opportunities

This happens because users who previously didn't know about your eCommerce, now do and start consuming from it, whether it's products, blog content, information, etc. By getting more mentions on other websites, users will find you more easily.

Tips to work on Link Building and mistakes you should avoid

Make a very detailed analysis of your online store, links and back links

It is important to analyze your online store before creating a Link Building strategy, since this way you will be able to analyze which pages you are most interested in positioning, which keywords you can use, which pages your users visit the most, etc.

Monitor your competitors and analyze the links they are using

Once you have analyzed your own online store, you can move on to analyze your competitors to know your positioning strategy, which pages they use to link their content, what links they introduce in their website, related topics, etc.

Bet on quality instead of quantity

It is very important to value quality instead of quantity since it will be useless to have an infinite number of back links if they are on websites that do not have enough visibility, or anything to do with the content you offer.

Look for naturalness in the links

It is important to maintain the naturalness when creating a Link Building strategy and incorporate links on external domains, otherwise Google may penalize it. For this reason, it is also advisable to combine do-follow and no-follow links.

Top 6 Link Building Strategies

Create valuable content to attract links

This is very important because many times content creators do a very thorough search on the information they want to get before they start writing. If during this process, they find valuable content and want to incorporate a direct link to a particular section of your online store, they will do it.

Therefore, it is also important that you check the back links that are generated on other websites about your online store. By doing this, you will have total control over all your mentions and you will be able to update and enhance the content of those pages of your online store that receive the most back links, in order to optimize it.

Guest Posting

When we refer to Guest posting, we talk about the action that is carried out when we write and publish an article on a blog of another person or company, thus, become guest authors. In the end, this is nothing more than a strategy to get more traffic and attract potential leads, while obtaining greater authority and relevance.

In short, it is a win-to-win collaboration where a strategic relationship is created, since both parties obtain a benefit. On the one hand, the person who writes in the blog, gets the users of that website to read the content and, therefore, expand your reach, and, on the other hand, the external blog gets to create valuable content and, in a way, increases the reputation, trust and credibility.

Social Link Building

It refers to all those strategies that are carried out in social networks to bring traffic to your online store. In short, it is the research of profiles and platforms on social networks to incorporate links to your website.

It is important to find the most appropriate platforms for your business and work with profiles of public figures who are within your industry and have a certain expertise.

Undoubtedly, interaction on social networks, either by creating content, sharing publications, establishing lasting relationships with Influencers, commenting on other profiles of competitors, responding to opinions and reviews, will generate a great "engagement" among your users that will allow you to advertise your own online store, and others to do so (either free or paid) incorporating direct links to your online store so that a user's users are directed to it and thus have more chances to increase the conversion rate.

Link Baiting

It is a practice used to obtain back links in an organic, natural and freeway from the creation of quality content and interest for users. This is the most important thing because by generating valuable content, there is a much greater chance that other web pages and even social media will share it obtaining organic links.

To work this Link baiting technique, interactive content is usually created through the publication of new information, ebooks, whitepapers, surveys, specialized topics, etc. This will undoubtedly increase the traffic to your eCommerce and the number of visitors, and will make you rank better among search engines.

That is, if you have a fashion eCommerce, surely users who are interested in this sector, will consider valuable information content such as "5 fashion trends for Winter 2023" or "How to find the best deals on Black Friday".

Comment on blogs and participate in industry forums.

In this case, you can look for those forums in your industry where you think you can direct more users to your online store, and leave comments there referring to the topic of conversation and incorporating the link(s) you are most interested in. It also often helps opening a discussion to have a longer conversation where other users can join in and get to know your eCommerce in a deeper way. This way, if users think that your opinion and the information you share with them is interesting, they will click on the link and go to your online store, thus increasing organic traffic.

For example, imagine you have an online store of Furniture and Decoration, and you want to position yourself in Google with a keyword like "Trending Furniture". Something that could work very well when users search in search engines for a keyword like this to find out about trending furniture pieces. So, what you could do in that case, is to incorporate links to your online store in those blogs that are within the Furniture and Decoration sector. This way, users will find your online store while trying to expand information on a particular topic.

Link exchange

This usually works very well and it is usually unpaid. The idea is to look for websites with which you share related topics in order to reach an agreement and make a link exchange. That is, the website with which you decide to collaborate, incorporates links to your online store, if your online store incorporates links to the other website.

This way, you can previously schedule the content to be published in both and detail the date of publication, making it coincide even in those seasons of the year you consider that users are more active. For example, if you would like a website to link to your article where you talk about Black Friday, you should keep in mind that it would be important to send it to them and publish it at least a month before that date so that users acquire the knowledge you want to share.


To sum up, Link Building is one of the most complex and interesting SEO strategies to optimize the positioning of your online store. As we have seen, it is not only about generating a large number of links, but to get valuable and quality links.

If you work correctly, it is a technique that can bring great results to your eCommerce, such as brand reputation, organic traffic, sales opportunities and authority. The fact that Google detects your online store in several reliable websites, will make your eCommerce rank better. In addition, users also play a key role in this process, because if they perceive your online store as a quality website, they will recommend it to others and it will rank even higher in the search engines.

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