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LogiCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers a powerful omnichannel order management system, known as OMS (Order Management System). This system is designed to meet the needs of both B2C and B2B companies, allowing you to track sales, orders, inventory and fulfillment with ease.

In this article, we look at all the features and add-ons that LogiCommerce offers in its order management system so you can see how it can help you manage orders in a much easier, organized and efficient way.

LogiCommerce Order Management System Functionalities

Abandoned Cart Recovery

With the abandoned cart recovery functionality, users can configure and automate the sending of personalized emails to customers who have left products in their cart without completing the purchase.

Discount codes

LogiCommerce offers built-in functionality to generate and manage discount codes easily and efficiently. Codes can be configured to apply to specific products or to the entire store, as well as you can set limits on the number of times each code can be used.

Shopping Cart Detail

The LogiCommerce cart provides a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with a purchase, including taxes, shipping charges and costs associated with the payment method. This gives customers complete transparency into the final price of their purchase.

Gift Configuration at Checkout

LogiCommerce offers the option to wrap and add a personalized message to purchases that are made as a gift. This feature is ideal for customers who wish to send a gift directly to someone, either for a special occasion or simply as a token of appreciation.

Order date delivery

In the order detail, LogiCommerce allows you to display an estimated delivery date based on the customer's location and the shipping method selected. This date can be updated if there are any unforeseen delays in the shipping process. This information is also included in the documents associated with the purchase, such as the order confirmation and corresponding invoice.

Order Status Actions

LogiCommerce offers the ability to configure actions on inbound and outbound order or shipping statuses. These actions can include sending an email to the customer, changing the order status group, consuming loyalty points, or other customizations based on business needs.

Customer Insights

LogiCommerce provides a wide variety of shopper information to help businesses personalize their marketing and improve the customer experience. This information includes recently purchased products, wish lists, purchase history, payment and shipping preferences, and other relevant data.

Payment security

Payment security is a priority at LogiCommerce. Therefore, we use a secure process of sending credit card information directly from the customer's browser to the payment gateway, without going through our platform.

Payment System Tokenization

LogiCommerce has a "tokenized" payment system that allows customers to securely store their payment information to quickly pay for future orders. This system works by assigning a "token" to the customer's payment information. The token is a unique, encrypted string that is used to identify the payment information instead of storing the customer's sensitive data so that it is kept safe and secure.

Product Prices

In LogiCommerce it is possible to define base prices and offer and discount prices for each product. The base price is the normal cost of the product, while the offer and discount prices are options to adjust the price of the product based on temporary promotions or rebates. These prices can be configured by the eCommerce owner in their admin panel.

Advanced Pricing Policy

LogiCommerce's advanced pricing policy allows you to specify prices for specific customers or geographic areas in multiple currencies. This is especially useful for businesses that operate in different countries or have international customers.

Pricing Policy by Quantity

Quantity pricing policy is an add-on available in LogiCommerce that allows you to set base and bid prices for product quantity (units) ranges. With this feature, you can set different prices for the same product depending on the quantity purchased. For example, you can set a different price for buying 10 units of a product compared to buying a single unit.

Order limitations

Order limit is a feature included in LogiCommerce that allows you to define a maximum number of orders that can be placed by a user or group of users. For example, you can set a limit of 3 orders per week for retail customers and a limit of 10 orders per week for wholesale customers.

Product Bundles

Product packs are an add-on available in LogiCommerce that allows eCommerce owners to easily create product packs via drag and drop. For example, you can create a pack that includes a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

Order summary

The order summary is a feature included in LogiCommerce that allows customers to see a detailed breakdown of their purchase before finalizing it. This feature displays product images and detailed text in the cart, which helps customers verify that they have selected the correct products and that the quantity and price are accurate.

Pricing options for Gifts

LogiCommerce includes the option to configure pricing and taxes for gift options. With this feature, online store owners can offer additional gift options, such as gift wrapping or personalized cards, and set an additional price for these options. In addition, they can also set taxes applicable to these gift options according to local tax regulations.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Multi-store inventory management is an add-on in LogiCommerce that allows you to allocate inventory among multiple warehouses and accurately track items in stock for all your channels. With this feature, you can efficiently manage your inventory across multiple locations in order to optimize the storage and distribution of your products.

Order Status Notifications

LogiCommerce includes the Order Status Notifications feature, which allows you to send notifications to customers associated with order status change actions.With this feature, customers can receive updates on the progress of their order, from the time it is placed to the time it is delivered.

Financing options

LogiCommerce includes financing options to help increase sales by allowing customers to pay later or in installments with external payment systems. This means customers can make purchases without having to pay the full amount on the spot, which can make shopping more affordable and attractive to them.

Multi-payment offline options

LogiCommerce includes offline payment options to help customers who prefer to make payments outside of the online system. These offline payment options include checks, money orders, account payments, bank transfers and cash on delivery so customers can choose the payment option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Payment method Filter

LogiCommerce includes a payment method filter that allows businesses to filter which payment gateway to display based on the carrier selected by the customer. This means that customers can see only the payment options available for the carrier they have chosen, which can make the shopping experience easier.

Configurable Tax Calculation

LogiCommerce includes a tax calculator that allows businesses to automatically calculate taxes from the base price of a product. This means customers can see the total price of the product, including applicable taxes, before completing their purchase.

Currency Rate updater

LogiCommerce includes a currency exchange updater that allows businesses to automatically update currency exchange rates on their website. This means that prices can be displayed in each customer's local currency, which can make the shopping experience more personalized and easier.

Pricing Policy by Cucrrency

LogiCommerce offers a currency pricing policy as an add-on to allow businesses to set prices and costs for products, discounts, shipping and payments in multiple currencies. This means businesses can reach more audiences by offering prices in each customer's local currency.

Stock control

LogiCommerce includes stock control to prevent inventory breakage at every point in eCommerce, including the product, shopping cart and checkout process. This means businesses can have better inventory management and avoid errors in the checkout process

Shopping Cart labels

LogiCommerce includes the option to associate tags to baskets to filter them under any characteristic. This means that businesses can have a better organization of their shopping carts and filter them according to the specific characteristics they want. For example, baskets can be tagged by product type, customer or geographic location.

Guest and User registration

LogiCommerce offers the option to process the purchase for both guest and registered users, in compliance with all legal regulations. This means that businesses can offer a personalized and flexible shopping experience to their customers. Guest users can make purchases without the need to create an account, which can be beneficial for customers who want to make a quick purchase without having to enter their personal details.

Order documents

LogiCommerce offers the option to obtain order documents in HTML and PDF format, allowing for greater flexibility in managing and organizing purchase orders.

Order Status

LogiCommerce offers the option to create custom order statuses for real-time tracking and action, allowing for greater flexibility in managing and organizing purchase orders. This means that businesses can define specific statuses for each stage of the purchasing process, such as "Awaiting Payment", "In Preparation", "In Transit" and "Delivered". In addition, additional customized statuses can be added according to business needs.

Manual Orders

LogiCommerce offers the option to place manual orders on behalf of customers easily with Drag & Drop, allowing greater flexibility for managing and organizing purchase orders. This means businesses can add products to the shopping cart and complete the checkout process on behalf of the customer. The Drag & Drop feature makes it easy to add products to the cart by simply dragging them from the catalog into the cart.

Payment System Filter

LogiCommerce offers the option to filter payment systems based on a given purchase quantity and carrier, allowing greater flexibility for eCommerce management and organization. This means that businesses can define specific rules for each payment system based on the total purchase amount and shipping method used.

Multiple payment gateways

LogiCommerce integrates with multiple domestic and international payment gateways, from credit and debit cards to online payment systems. LogiCommerce makes it easy to add these payment gateways to any online store and customize their configuration to suit the specific needs of each business. Changes made are automatically applied to the corresponding payment process on the website.

Rule-based Pricing

LogiCommerce offers the option to set up automated rules to determine product prices for each customer segment. This means that businesses can define different prices for the same products based on geographic location, purchase frequency, loyalty level, among other factors.

Pricing Policy by Category

LogiCommerce's category pricing policy allows to calculate the base and offer prices of the products included in a category in a % (increase or decrease), which allows for greater flexibility and customization in eCommerce management. This means that businesses can define different pricing policies for each product category, increasing or decreasing the base price by a certain percentage.

If you want to access more information and see all that LogiCommerce has to offer, click here.

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