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Easily manage your eCommerce stock with LogiCommerce

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LogiCommerce is the Headless eCommerce platform that provides cutting-edge technology to growing businesses and large organizations through a unified B2B & B2C platform.

With over 200 native features, an intuitive back office, real-time integrations with third-party solutions, a globally scalable infrastructure, regular updates and 24/7 support, among many other things, LogiCommerce is one of the most affordable platforms on the market.

Thanks to its transparent pricing policy, with no hidden costs or transaction fees, you can reduce technical debt and keep your TCO to a minimum. World-renowned brands such as VW, GAP, Audi, eseOese, Munich, Nestlé and IMC Toys use LogiCommerce.

What does the LogiCommerce Inventory Management System offer you?

The LogiCommerce Inventory Management System (IMS) is an intuitive and powerful tool that will help you make sure your inventory is where it needs to be.

With LogiCommerce's IMS, you can easily allocate inventory among multiple warehouses and accurately track the items you have in stock in each of your sales channels. This will give you a clear view of current inventory levels and ensure that you always have the right quantity available to meet customer demands.

LogiCommerce is the perfect solution for companies that need to efficiently configure their inventory. LogiCommerce makes it easy to monitor stock levels, track orders and customize all aspects of the inventory management process through automated rules.

17 main IMS features of LogiCommerce

Stock Management

When stock management is enabled, you can keep track of the stock management of your products. You will only be able to buy a product if your stock is greater than zero (except if the option to accept reservations is enabled). When this option is disabled, you will not keep track of your stock and all products visible in your eCommerce will always be on sale (something that should happen only if you have unlimited stock).

In addition, stock rules can help you automate certain processes, such as generating notifications when stock levels are low or assigning stock items to orders

Stock Availability (Add-on)

Use the stock availability add-on to provide accurate information about the stock availability of your eCommerce products. In general, you can create as many availability definitions as you need (Settings > Product availability). And, if needed, you can link a specific availability to a set of products in its tab (in the Advanced Parameters block).

The product availability message is calculated according to the number of available products. An example of availability definition could be: if there are more than 10 units available, the system may display In stock; if there are between 5 and 10, it may display Few units; and if there are between 1 and 4, it may display Last units. In case you are out of stock, you can show "Out of stock" or "Available in 15 days"

Stock Conditions

Stock conditions are very important in the distribution of any product and must be carefully monitored throughout the supply chain. These are often highly dependent on regional factors such as population density, transportation accessibility and redistribution capacity.

Configure the geographic areas that affect the stock of a product. This will ensure an efficient flow of supply in the chain and, ultimately, consistent product availability for customers.

Stock Alerts (Out of Stock Notifications)

The Stock Alerts Subscription module allows your customers to be informed of when stock of a particular product is replenished. In this way, they can choose to subscribe to the product and be notified automatically as soon as it is back in stock.

Keeping your customers informed of the availability of the products they are interested in allows you to recover sales and to know which products are most in demand, thus optimizing the stock of available products.

Stock Forecast

Stock forecasting enables companies to accurately predict the arrival, quantity and timing of stock so you can plan your supply chains and order fulfillment processes accordingly.

By accurately gauging the demand for your products, you will be able to accurately assess how much stock you need and how long it will take to make all shipments from your partner warehouses.

Shopping Cart Stock Blocking (Coming soon)

LogiCommerce offers a wide range of features to help you get the most out of your eCommerce business and will soon include the ability to lock stock in the shopping cart.

This feature will give you greater control over your inventory by preventing customers from purchasing items that are already in their carts before they've had a chance to complete the checkout process.

Gift Stock Deduction

Deducting stock on gifts not only helps manage inventory levels and free up storage space, but they can also be used to build good customer relationships.

Stock that has been used for promotional gifts can be deducted from stock, ensuring that accurate records are kept of products purchased and those given away in promotional campaigns. All in all, it's a simple and effective way to ensure that your online store operations run smoothly.

Warehouse Stock Rules

Ensuring sufficient stock levels between warehouses can be a constant challenge for many companies. To facilitate smooth operations, LogiCommerce allows you to set up stock supply from an alternative warehouse if the linked warehouse with the highest priority does not have sufficient stock.

Inter-warehouse stock replenishment helps you maintain greater control of your inventory and avoids delays in fulfilling customer orders.

Logistics Centers

LogiCommerce provides customers with customized logistics experience, where companies can assign their warehouses to different logistics centers and access the tools and services needed to effectively manage shipments.

Logistics centers enable the infrastructure necessary for accurate and efficient order tracking, allowing companies to assign their own warehouses in an organized structure from which they can monitor and manage inventory, sales, transportation and other related activities.

Warehouse Management

LogiCommerce puts the power of efficient warehouse management in your hands, giving you the ability to better control your eCommerce inventory. Thanks to this functionality, you can track incoming stock, organize inventory across multiple locations, set up delivery zones, and provide customers with accurate delivery time estimates, among many other things.

LogiCommerce is designed to automate inventory management processes, such as tracking inventory levels, finding optimal fulfillment methods, tracking delivery times, and more.

Warehouse Conditions

LogiCommerce is a great platform for stores looking for efficient warehousing for their products. LogiCommerce allows companies to plan and define the geographical areas of influence of each warehouse to cover their shipments. This helps optimize costs and delivery times, ensuring that customers receive products on time.

This functionality helps boost your eCommerce profits, speed up delivery times, ensure your customers receive products on time, and improve customer satisfaction, without compromising your organization's goals.

Warehouse Priority

Logistically, it can be difficult to keep up with fluctuations in supply and demand in different warehouses. This LogiCommerce feature simplifies and streamlines this process by setting the priority between warehouses when discounting stock. That is, it allows you to set the order of priority between warehouses when discounting stock and ensures that all locations have access to inventory as needed.

This enables better control of inventory costs and accurate order fulfillment so that customers can get their items as quickly as possible.

Product Stock in Transit (Add-on)

The Stock in Transit module allows you to sell products that are out of stock but expected to be in stock as of a specific date. At that time, the buyer will receive the product through the usual delivery channels.

This makes it possible to activate sales and purchase campaigns according to demand. It also informs the user that the purchase being made is a reservation with a delivery date in the future. In this way, overselling is avoided, and customer expectations are managed. In addition, it also allows you to consider the amount of the sale, before disposing of the item, and to better adjust your inventory according to customer demand.

Pre Order Products

Enable the purchase of products at lunch that are not yet available and automate the ordering process according to your business rules.

LogiCommerce offers a pre-order system that allows your customers to purchase products that are not yet available. With LogiCommerce, you can automate the ordering process and create your own business rules for a streamlined and efficient process.

LogiCommerce's pre-ordering system is a great way to ensure that customers get access to your new products as soon as they are released, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Product back-ordering

Product backordering is the perfect option for companies that want to maximize their success and reduce risk by allowing customers to backorder products that are currently out of stock.

Product backordering also automates the ordering process according to pre-determined business rules, eliminating the manual burden of monitoring inventory levels and ensuring that products are ordered on time. In short, it's an effective way to streamline your business operations and ensure that all processes run smoothly.

Delivery date extension

LogiCommerce understands that exceptions may occur that can delay the timely delivery of orders from the warehouse. Delivery date extensions are an excellent way to manage potential issues that may arise during the ordering and delivery processes.

Data Feed of out-of-stock products

LogiCommerce offers an advanced data feed so that your online store can stay informed about the status of your products. LogiCommerce's data feed goes further by not only providing a first look at current stock levels, but also generates feeds that include items that may be out of stock.

LogiCommerce eliminates the worry of unreliable information when selling online and helps store owners easily maintain an up-to-date database.

Are you thinking of migrating your online store or creating it from scratch? Tell us about your project or ask for a DEMO and get to know LogiCommerce BackOffice in 5 minutes and without obligation!

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