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Live Shopping, the strategy that will boost your eCommerce sales

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According to Google 52% of the population watch videos of a product before purchasing it. Live Shopping can multiply the conversion rate up to 25% and increase the value of the shopping cart and sales by more than 20%, we expect it will probably become a new opportunity to increase sales.

As we can see, these percentages are quite high and show a clear trend towards Live Shopping. This quick growth is due to the many advantages that live shopping offers, such as the ability to reach a global audience and the fact that it is very cost-effective to market products with it. In addition, it enhances the shopping experience, which is becoming increasingly important for users, as it mixes entertainment, shopping and emotional bonding.

Do you want to know what Live Shopping is based on and the advantages of using it in your eCommerce? Continue reading this article!

What is Live Shopping?

Live shopping is a relatively new concept that has taken the retail world by storm. It is an eCommerce format where live streaming is the stage for businesses to sell, position or promote their products through social networks.

This modality offers the opportunity for brands to interact with their followers and other viewers in real time. In other words, brands from different sectors often collaborate with Influencers from their own sector so that they can test products live, recommend them, and offer exclusive discounts for their purchase.

The fact that customers can access to buy products simultaneously without leaving the stream, creates a much more fluid and dynamic experience for users.

In addition, it is a very natural way of selling, since the people who represent the brand in the live streaming, usually use a quotidian language to convey greater confidence to the user.

Top 4 benefits of Live Shopping

Shopping experience

In an online store, customers can't see or touch the products they want to buy. They can simply look at the images and rely on other customers' reviews to make their purchase decision. This can be a drawback if users have questions about the product and the eCommerce chat is not effective enough.

This is where Live Shopping comes into play, as it allows any user to log in, ask questions and get answers immediately. Live shopping is a great way to offer customer service and build trust with potential customers. From these live broadcasts, there is often the option to offer personal consulting to make the customer experience much more complete.

The customer's feeling after seeing a product in operation and live is a lot more positive and convincing. In addition, the experience will be much more personalized and brands will be able to offer their customers a fun, interactive and informative shopping experience at the same time.

Makes the buying decision easier

Live Shopping is a unique and powerful way to sell products and services. Allowing customers to see the product in action helps to increase purchasing decisions. This unique shopping experience has been proven to increase purchase decisions by helping to allay any doubts or concerns shoppers may have about a product via chat.

Not only so, but Live Shopping also allows you to showcase your products being used by a streamer or an Influencer, which always has a greater impact and influence on other users.

New sales opportunities

Live shopping is a trend that allows you to increase the reach of your online store, attracting new audiences, generating greater engagement and providing a closer relationship with your customers.

By collaborating with Influencers with large numbers of followers, you will attract hundreds or even thousands of people in just a few minutes. And, even if they don't end up making a purchase right away, you will have the opportunity to create that "Brand Awareness" that is so important to keep your brand name in users' minds.

By doing so, you will be able to attract new users, connect with them and convince them to buy your product through dialogue and the closeness that this channel provides.

It is a very good opportunity to offer live streaming visitors, exclusive promotions for a certain period of time. It is also very common for brands to take advantage of this type of occasion to carry out sweepstakes.

Reinforces brand trust

As we already know, it is often believed that eCommerce is not capable of penetrating the customer in the same way that traditional stores do. For the simple fact that there is no salesperson to advise you and provide you with instant, personalized and close attention at the same time.

Live Shopping is a great opportunity for brands to offer a visible face to those users and create a stronger emotional bond between user and brand. If the trust that most reviews transmit is already very powerful, imagine how about having a live conversation with someone with whom you can talk in a very casual way to inform and assess potential customers.

Creating consumer needs

In many cases, Live shopping can create or trigger a need in the user to purchase a product that they have seen in the Live shopping stream. For example, if a brand makes a Live Shopping Event promoting the sale of a beauty product with very powerful results (and with a good promotion), it is more likely that the user will feel the need to buy it: they have seen the product in action, they have seen the results, and they are getting an attractive discount for their purchase.

To conclude

Live Shopping is a new trend that is booming and is undoubtedly becoming a very interesting and attractive way to increase the conversion rate for many online stores. Currently there are already multiple tools that integrate seamlessly with eCommerce to do Live Shopping.

In addition, it does not require a very high initial investment and can be introduced in the company gradually. You just need a device, a camera, a microphone and a stable Internet connection. Then you can start broadcasting live sessions to show your products to the rest of the world without barriers or limitations.

All in all, it is the ideal strategy to boost sales and interact with customers in a more dynamic and interactive way. If you have not yet incorporated Live Shopping into your eCommerce, now is the right time to start!

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