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How to prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday with LogiCommerce

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Black Friday has become a great opportunity for the online market. Are you ready?

One month away from Black Friday 2022, many online businesses are already preparing their stores for the big day. Planning is the key to success.

From LogiCommerce we have prepared a Checklist with the most powerful features for you to maximize any sales opportunity on Black Friday 2022.

8 Tips to sell successfully on Black Friday 2022

First of all, make a strategic plan to create brand awareness. This is important because users are well aware of ways to find the best offers. They research and when the day arrives, they have a clear idea about the products they want to buy and the online stores to look at.

We advise you to analyze your eCommerce database and start capturing the attention of all your potential customers before the day comes. How?

  • Let your users and customers subscribe to your Newsletter. This way, you can send them a preview of the most special promotions or even offer them a Pre-Black Friday so that only those who have registered can enjoy exclusive discounts until Black Friday.
  • Offer 10% off to users and customers subscribed to the "Newsletter". It is a great opportunity to motivate them to do so and, thus, be able to impact them also in future campaigns.
  • Connect your eCommerce with email marketing Plug-ins such as Connectif, Mailchimp or Sales Mango to automate this type of daily operations.

Would you like to create multiple customized promotions and discounts in your online store?

Advanced Promotions Management is a must for Black Friday. LogiCommerce will help you increase your conversion rate by giving more visibility to those active promotions. In addition, you will be able to apply different types of promotions such as:

Customized discounts

Configure different types of discounts: free shipping, percentage of total, fixed amounts, gifts, discounts based on units and NxM, among others.

Define rules and apply conditions on promotions: every X product, between X and Y, or more than X. Apply discounts for the combined purchase of multiple products from a predefined list. Generate discounts on products on their base price, that is, without the offer. Determine price ranges to give different discounts according to quantity.

Automated discount codes

Automatically generate one or multiple discount codes and export them easily. Send discount codes for offline distribution, mailings, newsletters, etc. and define expiration dates for gift coupons and discount vouchers.

Personalize the shopping experience through advanced discount segmentation and targeting. Generate, send and track discount coupons for your marketing actions. Create reports of discount codes used for in-depth analysis.

Gift vouchers

Generate gift coupons with fixed amount for your campaigns and promotions. Offer any product from the catalog as a gift in your promotions. Apply a promotion so that the customer can choose a gift from a selection of products.

Would you like to optimize the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction?

The customer experience begins before the customer makes the purchase and continues long after the products are delivered. Creating a positive customer experience should be a priority.

The four key factors for this to happen in eCommerce are ease, accessibility, trust and security. That is, web usability, product information, customer service, checkout, reviews, and after-sales service, among many others.

Advanced product personalization

Create and manage quality content using text, video and 3D images to generate a unified experience across all your channels.

LogiCommerce allows you to customize purchase criteria and product behavior according to user, user group, country and area. In addition, you can also define time periods in which products, categories or other content will be visible in order to support limited discounts and seasonal sales.

Customer reviews

More than 60% of Spanish consumers check other shoppers' reviews before buying online. Letting your customers write reviews about your eCommerce either in relation to the product or personal experience, will generate more confidence in other users.

At LogiCommerce, we have integrated Trusted Shops' review system, a platform that provides security and guarantees transparency. In addition, it is one of the few Google Partners worldwide, so you can display your star ratings on Google to drive more traffic to your store.  

Stock Alerts

With LogiCommerce, you will be able to send automatic emails to your list of registered customers notifying them when "Out of Stock" products become available again.

In addition, you will also be able to define multiple stock-related alerts, such as "Out of Stock" messages, among others. You will even be able to configure the supply of stock from another warehouse, in case the warehouse linked with the highest priority does not have stock.

Loyalty system

Increase the loyalty of your customers, both current and new, rewarding them for any purchase and/or any other action they perform on your eCommerce platform.

LogiCommerce offers multiple features in this category such as a Multi Loyalty Program and the chance to buy with points (Points History, Points Calculation, Points Notifications, etc.).

Multi-payment options

Offer multiple payment methods to your customers and let them choose the option that best suits their needs.

With LogiCommerce, you can integrate with multiple national and international payment gateways, and filter which payment systems show according to the amount and transport for each user, user group, country and area. It also allows your customers to store their payment information securely through a "tokenized" payment system.

We currently offer a variety of payment system Plug-ins such as Adyen, Multisafepay, PayPal and SeQura.

Shipping Management

In weeks like Black Friday, with such a level of commercial flow, hundreds of packages are shipped in a very short period of time. This means that there can be delays in shipments. Notify your customers that this can happen to avoid generating negative shopping experiences and bad opinions towards your eCommerce.

LogiCommerce offers a shipping and delivery solution with multiple carriers and delivery methods. The goal is to offer the customer the most suitable shipping option for each product. Depending on the configuration of the carrier and the user's cart, the system offers those shipping options that are compatible. This will improve the user experience and increase your conversion rate.

Live Chat

Thus, you will be able to support the customer during the different stages of their purchase journey in your eCommerce. With a Live Chat, customers can solve doubts immediately and you can guide them until the end of a purchase, in case any inconvenience arises.

In LogiCommerce, we have Oct8ne, an advanced Live Chat solution that helps you to increase sales. With it, you will be able to advise each customer in a more personalized way by showing them the products that best suit what they are looking for. In addition, it offers a visual and interactive support that agents and customers share in the Chat to visualize images and videos of the products in your catalog. This allows you to better advise your users and close sales easier.

Would you like to increase the average basket value of your customers?

Cross-selling and up-selling are two marketing strategies widely used to increase eCommerce sales, increase the loyalty rate and add value to the customer's shopping experience.

We have Marketing Automation tools like Connectif that help you to show recommended products in a more dynamic way in different parts of your eCommerce such as the Home Page or the Product Page. In addition, with LogiCommerce you can choose between features such as:

Related products

Increase the average order value of your online store by displaying suggested products that are complementary or related to the products that customers are looking for. Easily show those products in the Product Page or even in the Checkout Page.

Imagine that a user is in your eCommerce looking for a "Short sleeve T-shirt" and when clicking on one of them, other related products appear. By doing so, it is more likely that the customer will end up buying more products than those initially proposed, or even products of higher value depending on the configuration you apply.

Product Comparison

Your eCommerce customers will be able to buy products according to their qualities, features and classifications to find the best product.

Discount for combination of products

Applying discounts for the combined purchase of several products from a predefined list can encourage customers to buy more items and increase sales. For example, a furniture store can offer a 10% off for the combined purchase of a sofa and a table.

Discounts of this type can also be used to clear inventory and leave space for new products. In short, applying discounts for combined purchases is an excellent way to motivate customers to buy more items and increase sales.

Product packs

Easily create product packs by simply dragging and dropping, and set fixed prices or discounts for each product.

Do you need to define prices by country, currency, user or user group?

With LogiCommerce you can specify prices for specific customers or geographic areas in multi-currency. In addition, you can also set up automated rules to determine product prices for each customer segment.

Do you want to reduce the rate of abandoned carts and incorporate more detailed information about your orders?

Simplify the Checkout process to a single page and only four steps. With LogiCommerce, your customers will be able to view a summary of their purchase with product images and detailed text in the shopping cart. In addition, they will be able to itemize all taxes, shipping costs and costs associated with the payment method and even get the order documents in HTML, PDF, and more.

It is very important to request only the most relevant information to make the Check out as easy and intuitive as possible to avoid abandoned carts.

Are you thinking of launching new products for Black Friday that are not yet available in your online store?

Don't miss out on sales opportunities. LogiCommerce allows you to create more attractive campaigns by enabling users to pre-order products that are not yet available.

Do you need a really powerful SEO toolset?

LogiCommerce helps you position your online store with a set of SEO tools to help you spend your marketing budget somewhere else.

Google Sitemap, Friendly URLs, Redirect Manager, Follow & Indexable, ALT Attribute, and much more. Check out here one of our articles where we talk in detail about SEO in eCommerce!

Is your eCommerce ready to handle a high volume of traffic?

You have implemented the right strategy, everything is working just as you imagine, and suddenly BOOM, the system crashes. One of the worst nightmares for an eCommerce during campaigns like Black Friday. In just a few seconds you have lost hundreds of sales and generated bad shopping experiences.

That's why, at LogiCommerce, we handle the infrastructure, and you manage your business. LogiCommerce Elastic Cloud provides resizable computing capacity for your eCommerce to automatically increase and decrease capacity based on concurrent visitors.

Focus on growing your business and serving your customers while we take care of the rest: hosting, maintenance and upgrades!

Request a demo and start growing with LogiCommerce

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