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How to find the best eCommerce platform for your fashion store

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eCommerce has become a crucial channel for any fashion store looking to expand their reach and connect with online shoppers. However, to succeed in eCommerce, it is essential to have the right platform that suits the needs of your fashion store. But how can you find the best platform and what are the eCommerce functionalities needed to succeed in the online channel?

In this article, we will provide you with information about the features you should look for in an eCommerce platform for your fashion business, including the ability to customize the design and manage detailed product catalogs. In addition, we will mention a solution that could perfectly fit your business requirements and needs, such as LogiCommerce.

So, if you want to know how to choose the right eCommerce platform for your fashion online store, read on!

These are the Must-Haves for your fashion eCommerce

Design and customization of your fashion store

For fashion eCommerce, an attractive and personalized design of the eCommerce platform is essential to attract attention and convert users into customers. By having a customized design, you can reflect the real image of your brand and offer a unique shopping experience to your customers.

For this reason, it is important to select an eCommerce platform that offers a customizable design. You should look for the freedom to be able to choose and customize design elements such as color and photo selection. In addition, the eCommerce platform you select should be easy to use to assist you in creating an impressive design without the need for advanced programming skills.

Keep in mind that the design of your eCommerce platform is the first thing customers will see. In fact, it is the calling card of your online store and can be a deciding factor in whether a customer makes a purchase or not. Therefore, an eCommerce platform that allows full design customization aligned with your brand aesthetics will give customers a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience.

LogiCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers a high degree of customization. You can choose from a variety of designs and customize them, or even create a design from scratch. With the help of customization tools, you can create an attractive, easy-to-use and fully customized eCommerce platform. You can display your items in 3D, interact with your eCommerce users in real time through Augmented Reality and even let your customers design their own products.

In addition, LogiCommerce allows your designs to be adaptable so that they display well on all devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. Thanks to LogiCommerce Headless infrastructure, content can be delivered across multiple channels, allowing you to focus on fully unified omnichannel shopping experiences and maximize the potential of your eCommerce.

fashion store

Ease of use

Ease of use is a key factor in choosing the best eCommerce platform for your fashion store. By selecting a platform that is easy to use, you will be able to save time and effort in managing and updating your online store, allowing you to focus on other more important aspects of your fashion store.

When looking for an eCommerce platform that is easy to use, make sure it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform should be easy to navigate and allow for efficient product uploading and management. It should have a comprehensive search function so that customers can easily find products and make purchases without difficulty.

LogiCommerce is an eCommerce platform that stands out precisely because of its ease of use. Everything is designed to be easy to use, from creating and managing products to managing orders, shipping and payments. In addition, its intuitive interface allows you to take control of your online store without having to be an expert in technology and from a single Control Panel.

Ease of use also implies the ability to customize your online sales processes. LogiCommerce allows you to customize and automate promotions, as well as to offer coupons and discounts in an easy and simple way. Something that will undoubtedly help improve your customers' shopping experience and give them a sense of satisfaction with the sales process.

fashion store

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a fashion business. When it comes to an online store, it is even more important to have excellent and effective customer service, as face-to-face contact with customers is not possible in this case. That is why it is vital that the eCommerce platform you select offers good customer support and you can contact your customers through various channels such as email, phone or live chat. From the creation and configuration of your eCommerce to the day-to-day administration of your platform, good technical support can make all the difference in effectively resolving issues and avoiding customer service delays and negative shopping experiences.

LogiCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers excellent technical support in multiple languages and communication channels so you can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We offer personalized customer service and always have a team of experts available to resolve any technical issues.

fashion store


Integrations are another important feature to consider when selecting an eCommerce platform for your fashion store. Integrations can go a long way in simplifying sales processes and improving the shopping experience for your customers, making it easier and faster.

Modern eCommerce platforms, such as LogiCommerce, offer numerous integrations such as marketing tools, payment methods, shipping systems, social media management tools, among others. In addition, LogiCommerce can also integrate with a variety of inventory management systems, allowing you to accurately track your inventory in real time and optimize your overall workflow.

Integration with shipping systems are also important in an online fashion business, especially if you have many domestic and international shipments. With good integration, you can automate the labeling and shipping process in real time and track it to ensure smooth and timely delivery.


Security is one of the most important concerns for any eCommerce, including fashion businesses. The eCommerce platform you select must ensure the safety of your customers and the security of your business.

At LogiCommerce we take the security of our customers very seriously and employ advanced security measures to protect your customers' confidential information. We use robust security protocols and widely accepted standards to ensure the security of payment transactions and users' personal data.

In addition, we offer an extensive range of security tools to ensure a safe shopping experience. Some of these tools include:

  • Password security and SSL encryption.
  • Fraud protection
  • Shipping address verification
  • Comprehensive security measures for personal data management and storage.

Another vital element of security is online availability. LogiCommerce maintains all necessary measures to ensure your online availability and to avoid service interruptions with a minimum uptime of 99% with SLA.

fashion store


When it comes to selecting an eCommerce platform for your fashion store, cost is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to consider. Cost can include several factors, such as the price of the platform itself, hosting fees, additional modules, and other expenses that may arise.

When choosing an eCommerce platform, it is important to find one that fits your budget. Some eCommerce platforms can be very expensive.

LogiCommerce offers different plans for different budgets, including options for startups that don't need all the features of an advanced eCommerce platform. In addition, at LogiCommerce we offer a fully transparent pricing policy, with no hidden costs or transaction fees.

It is important to evaluate the total cost of ownership of the platform, including short- and long-term costs, maintenance, upgrades, hosting, add-ons, etc. By making a full cost assessment, you can ensure that the platform you choose gives you the best value for your investment, and that it is a truly cost-effective option for your fashion eCommerce.

Features for your online fashion store

LogiCommerce offers more than 200 advanced native B2B and B2C functionalities. Below, we will show some of the many features that exist in each of the categories displayed on the LogiCommerce website.

Main configuration

  • Multi-currency System: Configure pricing, discounts, shipping and payment methods in multiple currencies.
  • Multilingual eCommerce: Make it easy for your customers and offer them the opportunity to choose their language.
  • Multi shipment System: Generate multiple shipments of an order based on different logistic criteria such as source warehouse, shipping carrier and delivery times.
  • Multi-invoicing Company: Create multiple companies, and bill your customers based on their location.
  • Pickup & Return Points: Offer your customers the ability to find and pick up their orders at any of your points of sale.
  • Store locator: Incorporate a store locator with Google Maps, add opening hours, and more.
  • Multichannel System: Segment your orders by filtering your visitors by device, country, user-agent, domain and others.
  • Omni-channel System: Create a seamless shopping experience by connecting and unifying the customer experience with all your online and offline sales channels.
  • Currency Converter: Automatically convert your eCommerce prices based on currency exchange rates and apply rounding rules.

Content Management System

  • Page Management: Organize your eCommerce content and choose from more than 20 options such as free content, contact page, Newsletter form, etc.
  • Email Templates: Customize your customer interaction emails such as order confirmation, welcome message, and others.
  • Country and area Filtering: Filter the display of pages, banners, categories, blog posts, and more by country and area.
  • Product Targeting: Filter the display of categories and products by user, user group, country and area.
  • User and group Filtering: Filter the display of pages, banners, news, posts and much more by user and user groups.
  • Banner Management: Create, manage and set a click limit for your banners and place them anywhere in your eCommerce.

Transport management

  • Shipping Carrier Integrations: Integrate with your preferred national and international carriers and get shipping labels, tracking codes and much more.
  • Priority carrier system: Configure prioritized shipping conditions based on whether the product requires special shipping.
  • Shipping Restrictions: Specify the countries allowed by shipping method.

Inventory Management System

  • Warehouse Management: Configure and manage multiple warehouses to control the stock of your products.
  • Warehouse Stock Rules Configure: Configure the sub-supply of stock from another warehouse if the one linked with higher priority does not have stock.
  • Pre-order Products: Enable the purchase of products at launch that are not yet available and automate the ordering process.
  • Stock Alerts (out of stock notifications): Sends automatic emails to the customer list you register to receive out-of-stock notifications when the product becomes available again.
  • Backorder Products: Enable the reservation of products that are out of stock and automate the ordering processes according to your business rules.

Loyalty system

  • Multi-loyalty Program: Create multiple loyalty programs to adapt to each customer stage.
  • Purchase with Points: Allow your customers to shop with the points they have earned.
  • Points Notifications: Notifies your customers about the expiration date of their points.

Advanced promotions management

  • Customized Discounts: Create customized discounts such as coupon codes, product combinations, …
  • Product Combination Discount: Apply discounts for the joint purchase of multiple products from a predefined list.
  • Conditioned Promotions: configure promotions for every X products, between X and Y or more than X.
  • Advanced discount segmentation and targeting: Personalize the shopping experience through advanced discount segmentation and targeting.
fashion store

Affiliate system

  • Affiliate Management: Create users, assign them to the affiliate role and their commissions according to profile.
  • Affiliate Commissions: Manage and visualize the commissions generated by your affiliates by date ranges for settlement.
  • Affiliate Product Managament: Filter which products or categories have sales commissions for each affiliate.

Order management system

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Convert abandoned carts into sales by sending emails.
  • Product Bundles: Easily create product packs with Drag & Drop and set fixed prices or discounts.
  • Order summary: Display a summary of the purchase with product images and detailed text in the cart.
  • Payment System Tokenization: Allow your customers to securely store their payment information to speed up future purchases.
  • Pricing Plolicy by Category: Calculate the base and offer prices of products included in a category as a %.

Product Information management

  • Category tree: Organize eCommerce categories as a tree with Drag & Drop for easy management.
  • Multi-category products: Assign products to multiple categories and always control your SEO.
  • Shop by Brand: Give brands their own landing page with their own navigation.
  • Advanced Product Customization: Customize purchase criteria and product behaviors based on customer, group, country and area.
  • Batch Value Assignment: Assign a value to multiple products for mass updates.

SEO Suite

  • Google Sitemap: Automatically generates Google sitemaps
  • Follow & Indexable: Decide which elements (categories, products or pages) should be indexable and which links should be followed by search engines with a single click.
  • ALT Attribute: Define all ALT attributes of your images for better keyword indexing.
fashion store


  • Return Policy: Set a withdrawal period for returns.
  • Automatic Return: Automatically generate a return from the BackOffice with a single click.
  • Corrective Invoices: Automatically generates a corrective invoice when generating a return.


  • Multi-task Environment: View and work with several BackOffice windows at once and drag items between them.
  • Smart Search Engine: Use the search system to find any element of your eCommerce from a reference or feature.
  • Drag & Drop: Use the Drag & Drop system to move, sort and reassign items in most windows.
  • Copy/Paste: Use the option to copy and paste items such as products, categories, pages, and others for quick and easy management.

Linked Products in Cart

  • Promotions: Apply a discount to the products in the in-basket linked products zone to increase your sales and conversions.
  • Linked areas: Define multiple zones of linked products in cart to customize your sales according to your criteria.
  • Pricing policies: Configure different pricing policies by product and zone.

En definitiva

Therefore, we recommend LogiCommerce as the ideal solution for fashion eCommerce. The platform focuses on providing a seamless experience for customers, allowing easy navigation and product selection. By using LogiCommerce, brands can expect to convert more visitors into consistent customers.

Also, LogiCommerce is designed specifically for retail, which means that it has all the necessary features for online fashion retailing. It offers functionalities that allow you to create a personalized and engaging user experience, as well as having great social media integration and a fully secure payment system.

In the end, finding the best eCommerce platform for your fashion store requires careful selection to ensure a satisfying shopping experience for customers and an efficient process for store owners. LogiCommerce is an ideal platform for those in the fashion retail industry looking for an efficient and customized solution.

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