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7 Ways eCommerce Platforms Can Improve The Customer Journey

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eCommerce platforms have become a crucial component of the consumer journey in the current digital era. Businesses must provide their consumers with a seamless and comfortable experience given the rising demand for online buying.

The customer journey starts as soon as a customer visits a website and lasts the duration of their purchase trip. We'll look at the several ways cloud-based eCommerce platforms may enhance the consumer experience.

What Can eCommerce Platforms Do to improve customer experience?

There are an estimated 12 to 24 milion eCommerce websites worldwide. Many, if not most, of these sites use some form of eCommerce platform because it helps both customers and sellers alike. They provide more individualized shopping experiences, simplify processes, and secure data, among many other things.

The best eCommerce platforms can also provide a whole array of features to assist the customer’s buying process. Here are the most common and helpful functions of an eCommerce platform:

Collect Payments

A crucial component of eCommerce is money collection, and there are several payment options accessible. eCommerce systems most frequently accept credit and debit cards, but they also accept e-wallets, bank transfers, cash on delivery, and cryptocurrencies.

Payment gateways are utilized to securely process payments and are connected to eCommerce platforms to simplify the payment process for both customers and merchants.

For an eCommerce platform to be successful, it is essential to select a trustworthy payment gateway that offers safe transactions, fraud prevention, and simple integration.

Market Products

Top eCommerce platforms cannot succeed without marketing, which spreads awareness of the items and reaches a larger audience. One of the best strategies for product promotion is social media marketing, which gives businesses the chance to interact with consumers and develop a devoted following.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may be used to advertise goods, build brand recognition, and interact with consumers. eCommerce platforms may develop a devoted following and boost revenue by consistently publishing high-quality content and answering consumer questions.

Another successful method for eCommerce platforms to promote your products is through email marketing embedded into the service. This enables direct consumer communication for firms. eCommerce platforms may foster client loyalty and boost sales by regularly sending emails to customers about new items, discounts, and promotions.

Streamline Fulfillment and Delivery to improve the customer experience

eCommerce platforms must expedite their fulfillment and delivery procedures in order to enhance the consumer experience and boost revenues. Automation is one method for doing this, as it may shorten delivery times while reducing mistakes.

Various fulfillment choices, including free shipping, same-day delivery, and local pick-up, may also accommodate various consumer requirements. Customers are frequently persuaded to make larger purchases by using the typical tactic of free delivery with a minimum order value.

For effective order fulfillment, real-time inventory management is also essential since it minimizes overselling, which lowers the possibility of backorders and cancellations. eCommerce platforms may enhance customer satisfaction, boost sales, and boost profits by putting these techniques into practice.

customer experience

Ways eCommerce Platforms Improve the Customer Journey

So how do eCommerce platforms improve your customer’s buying journey? Here are the seven most common ways:

You Delight Your Shoppers

A key component of enhancing the customer experience for eCommerce systems is delighting customers. This may be accomplished in a number of ways, including personalization, first-rate customer service, and simple returns and refunds.

Customer loyalty may be increased via personalization and excellent customer service. Making it simple for clients to return items or receive refunds can also promote loyalty. eCommerce platforms may provide a great purchasing experience that can encourage repeat business and favorable word-of-mouth referrals by concentrating on satisfying their customers.

You Speed Up the Ordering Process

One essential way that eCommerce systems may enhance the client experience is by expediting the ordering process. Reduce shopping cart abandonment, boost customer happiness, and ultimately boost revenue with a smooth buying experience.

eCommerce platforms can employ a number of techniques to quicken the ordering process. A user-friendly UI should come first. It might make it simpler for clients to search for what they need on the eCommerce site.

The ordering process may be sped up and made more effective by using clear product descriptions, high-quality photos, and simple search tools. Customers can save time by completing their purchases without creating an account by providing a guest checkout option.

This is especially useful for new clients who might be reluctant to open an account. Having a variety of payment alternatives, such as credit cards, PayPal, or Apple Pay among others, may also help clients complete their purchases more quickly and easily.

customer experience

You Simplify Payments to improve customer experience

eCommerce platforms must simplify payments in order to enhance the user experience. A simple and quick payment process may improve consumer satisfaction and make shopping more fun. eCommerce systems may employ a number of tactics to make payments simpler. Multiple payment choices can speed up and improve the customer's purchase experience.

Offering multiple consumer choices while offering a variety of payment systems might boost revenue. Additionally, a secure payment gateway can contribute to increased client confidence and trust. You can even merge your payment platforms with accounting systems like Sage 50 or Xero to track your sales. Feel free to also check out alternatives to Sage 50 that might integrate with your eCommerce platform of choice.

You Secure Customer Information

eCommerce systems must secure consumer data in order to enhance the customer experience. A data breach may significantly harm a company's reputation, and customers are becoming more worried about the security and privacy of their personal information.

eCommerce platforms examples may assist increase client confidence and trust by putting in place strong security measures. Customers' payment information may be safeguarded by using a secure payment gateway and reliable payment processor.

Furthermore, firewalls and encryption can aid in preventing illegal access to consumer data. eCommerce platforms may also use multi-factor authentication and routinely check their systems for unusual behavior to spot any security holes and act promptly to prevent them. eCommerce platforms can make online purchasing for customers safer and more satisfying by putting a priority on data protection.

You can run Promos and Offers to enhance customer experience

A timely promo or discount might encourage customers to buy as they are constantly seeking methods to save money. eCommerce platforms may aid with client acquisition and retention by offering discounts on goods or shipping, putting together package offers, and offering loyalty awards. Additionally, conducting specials may engender a sense of excitement and urgency, motivating buyers to proceed with their purchase.

eCommerce can also help shop owners because it gives them an avenue to track these promos and measure their effectiveness in driving sales and revenue. In this regard, you can also integrate your eCommerce platform with an accounting system to track your revenue and make adjustments that improve them. Try to compare accounting systems and see which ones can speed up this workflow.

You provide a Customer Service Platform

eCommerce systems may significantly enhance the consumer journey by offering a platform for customer care. Customers can obtain the information they need quickly and have any problems or complaints addressed right away with the aid of a strong customer support platform.

Customers with different communication preferences may be catered to by offering a range of help channels including live chat, email, or phone. Additionally, giving clients access to self-service tools like an extensive FAQ page, instructional videos, or an online help center can enable them to solve issues on their own.

customer experience

You provide more Porduct and Shop Information

The consumer journey may be significantly enhanced by eCommerce systems by offering additional information about the products and shops. Before making a purchase, customers want to learn as much as they can about a product, and giving thorough product information may aid in their decision-making.

eCommerce systems may provide a range of product details, including excellent product photos, thorough product descriptions, and client testimonials.

Be prepared for the Boom

It’s predicted that eCommerce sales could reach worldwide $7.5 trillion by 2025. With that in the horizon, it only makes sense to prepare for that growth by using eCommerce platforms that enhance your customer’s journey with your brand.

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